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I need to get this off my chest

Posted on Sat Jul 7, 2018 @ 7:42pm by Captain Kate Banninga
Edited on on Sun Nov 25, 2018 @ 8:15pm

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Deck 8 - Captain's office
Timeline: MD25 1900 Hours


“Kate..?” Eliza asked with a plain tone as she walked into her office, She was greeted with silence. “Kate..? The woman called out again but the room remained silent. Eliza looked around the office then stopped at the windows looking outwards for a moment and sat down on the couch, then a few moments later she lied down on it, placing her hands behind her head and stared up at the ceiling, Eliza started to think about what happened with Ishresse and Megan a while ago, she got deeper and deeper lost in thought eventually not even hearing the doors to the office slide open nor did she hear the accompanied footsteps on the carpet.

Kate took a deep breath upon seeing the Assistant Security Chief lying on her couch. This was unacceptable. "Need a pillow and a blanket to make that couch more comfortable?" she asked sarcastically.

"hm?" Sounded from Eliza's closed mouth as she heard Kate's voice. "I'd say only if you'll join me but I'm not in the mood for that." Eliza said and sat up, she stretched and wondered what it was that she came here for. "Kate.., Can I ask you something?" The woman asked normally while looking at the ground.

"It's Captain Banninga for you," Kate corrected her. "And please get of my couch."

There was a brief silence between the two, Eliza realized that Kate wasn’t going to be in a very talkative mood, raising her head to look at the CO of the station Eliza still couldn’t help but wonder what it was she came here for, then in an instant realized it and opened her mouth to speak, she stopped, closed her mouth and lowered her head again as Eliza could see that Kate wasn’t there to talk about what it was that Eliza was bothering her, She rose from the couch and looked at the captain, “I- should go then.” Eliza said softly.

"That souds like a great idea." Kate said as she was still trying to figure out why the Lieutenant was in her office. "Please don't go in my office uninvited, especially when I'm not there. If there is anything you like to discuss with me, which cannot be discussed with you Chief or the XO, you can make an appointment with my yeoman. Otherwise, please adhere to the chain of command."

“Why did you really get me out of jail?” Eliza asked still looking at the woman changing the subject, figuring she had the right to ask for those answers. “ It wasn’t out of the kindness of your heart, obviously we both don’t have one.”

"Who says it wasn't?" Kate asked. She didn't really want to reveal her motives, well want. She couldn't reveal her true motives. Not jet anyway.

Eliza got the feeling Kate was hiding something from her something big, the woman didn't like it, far from it. "I do, with my track record." Eliza smirked a little. "Most of it has been buried or deemed too classified, even for a captain. Not that it matters, I'll behave.., for the most part." Eliza teased knowing it would offset Kate.

"I know everything of your history I need to know." she simply said. "Why do you think you were retrieved from the penal colony and put on this station? Because of your immaculate manners?"

“Definitely not,” Eliza responded. “but if that’s true and you do know the things that were officially redacted, which you claim that you do and what I think you know, then surly it’s not so wise to keep me on this station.”

"Surely it is. You have the potential and the knowledgde to one day become a great security chief. See it as a second change. You can learn a lot from Lieutenant Chernova. She's not your avarage starfleet officer either."

Letting out an amused chuckle. “Neither am I, who says I want to learn, let alone become this great security officer you talk about?” Eliza asked and looked at the woman before her, she wasn’t one for following orders or be a team player surly that much must have been obvious to Kate. However Kate seemed convinced that she saw potential in Eliza. This on turn made Eliza question Kate’s motives, if she really knew what Eliza was capable of and the pile of bodies she had left in her wake. That alone made any C.O. question the decision to accept Eliza into his or her crew.

Eliza slowly reached behind her back and quickly pulled out one of her side arms, cocked it and aimed the weapon at her new C.O. “Again, are you sure you want someone like me onboard?” The woman asked coldly as she threatened and wanted to test Kate’s conviction.

Kate's eyes grew slightly, but then started looking boring again. She wasn't surprised Eliza would pull a stunt that. "Really, that's what you want to do? You think this is smart. Shooting the only person on this space station, even the entire galaxy that any faith in you?" She hrld her hand to signal the two security officers in the doorway with their phasers ready. Leaving the door open had its benefits. "The Lieutenant was just leaving, wasn't she."

Unimpressed by the powerplay, Eliza looked over her shoulder and a smirk grew on her expression as she saw the two security guards approaching her with drawn weapons and looked back at “Sure, whatever Kate.” The woman replied with the same cold tone as before whilst uncocking and holstering her gun before turning around and walked past the two security officers but not before pushing the two men out of her way with her shoulders. Eliza didn't get the answers she wanted from her new C.O. However Eliza did learn a thing or two about her, which proved to be very interesting.

When everyone has left her office Kate made sure the door was closed this time and sank on the couch with a big sight.


Lieutenant JG Eliza Diangelo
Assistant Chief Security
Langley Station

Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station


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