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Keep your friends close...

Posted on Sat Jul 21, 2018 @ 4:57pm by Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova
Edited on on Sun Nov 25, 2018 @ 8:28pm

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Level 26 - Chief Security Office
Timeline: MD05 1200 Hours


There's a saying that goes around; Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.

It was a saying that ran around in Eliza's head ever since she had been released from her little empire on that penal colony she came from, It briefly came to mind, then simply dismissed it as she figured someone had probable already taken her place. Good riddance, she wouldn't want to trade places though, Eliza had more freedom, whomever had taken her place did not. It put a slight smile on her face as she walked through the corridor of the station. She still couldn't get her head around it though. Why her, why was she so important to the station's CO? Sure she could kick ass and chew bubblegum but at a place like this it looked like all she could really do is chew bubblegum. Eliza Shook her head at the thought of a desk job, babysitting some scientists... Eliza had no idea why she was summoned to her boss' office, at the very least the woman could have waited for her to be on duty to summon her. Here she was just a few yards away from the door that lead into the woman's office. Maybe she wanted a friendly chat? She didn't look the type and Eliza wasn't looking to make friends either, although that one night with.., What was that French girl's name again? Was that just a fluke.? Eliza asked herself as she pondered, in any case she was just about to find out as she pressed the little com panel on the door frame.

Looking though Lieutenant Diangelo's bio to get a better bead on the younger woman. What she found was quite interesting. The woman's parents were from an alternate dimension and her medical records are sealed.

"Enter." She called not looking up from her work as the door chime sounded.

The moment of truth had arrived, She casually walked in wearing her off duty outfit minus the raincoat, briefly admiring all the trinkets and furnishes scattered across the office as she stepped and instead of standing at attention before the Lieutenant's desk, Eliza disregarded protocol as the room had an inviting aura to it. Plus she always liked getting into people's comfort zones. She simply hopped onto one of the desk corners, showing the black and silvered holstered up weapons on her lower back in plain view for Anahera to see and possibly even admire. She turned towards her and gave a friendly nod. "What's up?"

"First of all, how are you enjoying guard duty, Lieutenant?" Ana asked. "Also I see that your parents were Terran Empire, so I have to acquire about your loyalties."

Crossing her arms as the woman dropped the friendly smile, replacing it with a serious expression. Eliza looked Anahera up an down and decided not to engage her questioning. "What else do you know?" Eliza asked placing her left hand which revealed to have the terran insignia tattooed on the top under her chin as she was curious to know more, about the things that had been dug up by Anahera.

"I know a lot of things. I have encountered representatives from the Terran Empire, when I was a freighter captain." Ana said.

“About me.., my family.” Eliza said with a near stern voice. Towards the woman sitting behind her desk. “What have you heard.”

"I know you're a convict and have problems with authority, which doesn't make you a traitor, anymore than it makes me one. It is what I don't know about your past that concerns me." Ana said.

The woman sitting on the edge of the desk raised the corner of her mouth slightly, Ana was right she loved to challenge authority and piss people off. “Every one wants to hear the juicy stuff.” She simply pushed herself off the desk, looked around the office and smirked over her shoulder knowing she had a lot to tell but refused to divulge such information.

Ana decided to try another tac. "So, Eliza, what do you like to drink?" She asked.

"A Bloodymary neat?" The woman asked wondering about the sudden change of topic. " why?"

"Just getting to know a colleague." Ana said.

"It's going to take more then just a drink to get to know me, trust me." Eliza joked. "But even so, I doubt i'm allowed to tell you half of the things I know."

"Okay then, how about we do a little sparring?" Ana suggested.

The woman curiously raised an eyebrow at Anahera’s suggestion and smirked slightly as if she was tempted by the woman’s offering, then just as quickly as the smirk appeared Eliza shook her head. “As tempting as it sounds, I have to refuse your offer. See I don’t spar,” Eliza mused as she turned to face Ana again. “Not with a normal person anyway. Unless it involves a bed,” Eliza paused again to look Ana over, while having an attractive figure something told Eliza she wasn’t exactly what Ana sought and chuckled. “but you don’t look like the sort of woman into that kind of thing.”

"You'd be surprised." Ana said with a cheeky smile. "Though I'm not supposed to engage in such this with a subordinate, more's the pity."

Moving closer to Ana, still smirking slyly. “I’m not your subordinate when we’re off duty.” Eliza said softly as she tried to seduce her boss by playfully running a finger over her jacket. “You wanted to get to know me right?” Moving her head next to Ana’s Eliza softly whispered. “Here’s your chance, take it.”

"Do you, really think you can handle me?" Ana asked licking her lips in a suggestive way.

Slightly surprised by the woman’s unexpected answer, “Depends on your appetite,” Eliza answered softly back and looked at Anahera. “The real question is, where should we take this, my place or yours?”

"Yours." Ana said with a smile.

"Let's go." She grinned, turning on her heels towards the door an lead the way.


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