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Of all the places

Posted on Sun Dec 16, 2018 @ 12:53am by Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Location: Hawk’s Quarters
Timeline: MD 14 -0300

Ron took a seat at his desk in his quarters. He was tired after a long shift, but he wasn’t ready for sleep yet. First he had one more thing to do. He tapped his console, foregoing voice commands, then he began speaking.

“First Officer’s log

After almost two weeks on this assignment, I have to ask; what is StarFleet punishing me for? Never have I come across a less professional bunch of misfit officers in my life. Time and time again I feel the need to step in, and to be honest I am fed up of the need to discipline.

Am I here for that purpose? Do StarFleet see me as some sort of iron hammer? Or do they see me as much of a misfit as the people they have put me with? Have I just been sent here, to the graveyard of unwanted officers?

Here where I have to deal with a security department that don’t want to step in line, an engineering department who can’t fix a simple door, and a Chief Flight Officer who’s dagger tongue could replace a phaser.

I can’t say much for the science teams on board, fortunately they have not been put into my care. I don’t think I could manage anything more on top of this already hard to manage team.

The person responsible for science on this station, I must say seems to be the only sane one around. Other than the captain of course. Commander O’Conner seems to have a no nonsense approach to work, and to people. I can see that we will work well in coordination with each other, whilst clashing all at the same time.

Maybe I just need to adjust. Maybe I just had it easy on the Rook. Which ever way it is, I’m stuck here.”

Hawk reached his hand back out, tapping the console to end recording, before setting off on his way to bed.


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