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Daily Rounds

Posted on Thu Sep 27, 2018 @ 7:21am by Gunnar Madsen & Cazanjian Zurale
Edited on on Sun Nov 25, 2018 @ 8:52pm

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Location: Lyshan Colony - Sheriff's Office
Timeline: MD08 0800 Hours


Gunnar entered the office, a coffee in each hand. "Morning, Sheriff. I thought you could use a pick-me-up," he said, handing one to his boss.

Cazanjian Zurale took the proffered cup and sniffed it. He was trying to get used to the Terran beverage, but it wasn’t a good, spicy, steaming fish juice, the standard Cardassian morning beverage. But it was hard to get Cardassian food out here on the edge of nowhere, watched over by the Federation.

“Thank you,” Cazan said. He was still getting used to the niceties of these Humans. It wasn’t in his nature to thank a subordinate for doing what he was expected to do. He sipped the coffee again and then put it down.

“Anything to report?” Cazan asked. He doubted it. There were only around thirty people in the entire colony. Very little happened here. Sheriff was just a fancy title. Cazan was only even in the office because every week he was expected to turn in a report to the colony governing committee for inclusion in the archives. When he was done, he would take a walk around the colony before he returned to his small farm just outside of town.

"Not much, there have been some reports of wild animal sightings on the outskirts, but no reports of attacks on livestock or residents, sir," Gunnar reported. "Also Miss Dainburg, has reported that 'ghosts' are stealing her crops again." The old woman was a little senile, but as the local peace keepers, they had to look into it.

Cazanjian sighed. “Okay, we’ll stop by and make a cursory look around her place,” he said. He considered the other news. He would have to make sure to advise Boy to keep more alert lest these wild animals get into his herd of prariguanas.

“What about the Starfleet people? They still in that camp out by the gulch?”

"Yeah, still taking their samples and such, sir," Gunnar replied. Science wasn't his strong suit. He was a mechanic and a tinker. Give him an engine or a generator and he was in his element. The Corps had taught him to fight and the endless drills taught him to always be aware of his surroundings, something that kept him alive during the war and helped him as a deputy sheriff.

“And what do you make of them?” he asked Gunnar.

Cazan stood up from his desk and went to the window, staring out at the barren land, his back straight in the way he was trained in the Obsidian Order. It was so different than when he’d first laid eyes on the planet. Granted, that had been from orbit, but it had been lush and green. Until he had given the order to deploy the defoliant. It was a test project. He had never expected it to be so...successful. It was almost too successful, rending the planet nearly barren even after all these years.

"They appear sincere in their attempts to help," Gunnar replied. Although he was an ex-Marine, he was also a member of this colony, so he was wary of the Federation's motives.

“Then I suppose we should allow them to help,” Cazanjian sighed. “It isn’t like we have many options.” The tall Cardassian turned back to his desk. “We should add them to our list of rounds, make sure to offer them what little we can. We will not be a charity case.”

"Agreed, sir, " the solidly-built former Staff Sergeant said. He would let them help, if they could. Maybe he could even scrounge some new tech, but he wasn't about to stand by and let Starfleet ride in and play savior.


Cazanjian Zurale
Lyshan Colony

Gunnar Madsen
Deputy Sheriff
Lyshan Colony


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