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Stolen Flight

Posted on Tue Aug 14, 2018 @ 11:02am by Lieutenant Megan DuBois
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Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Tier G - Federation Shuttle Bay
Timeline: MD08 1500 Hours

“I’m not sure these will pass muster,” Rilasa said, holding the padd out to Ash to look over.

Ash scrolled through. “Good enough,” he said. “We only need to get out of range of the tractor beams before they figure out these orders are fake. We’ll go during the busiest time of day when the flight control is backed up. Paperwork is usually back burnered until gamma shift anyway, and we’ll be halfway to the border by then.”

“If you say so,” Rilasa said.

“This way doesn’t have you leaving bodies around, Ril,” Ash pointed out.

“Yes. Ruin a girl’s fun,” the redheaded Romulan snorted, lying back on the bed.

Ash’s eyes ran over her body in that slinky green negligee. Damn, how he had missed her, even though she was now more Borg than the Romulan he had fallen in love with.

“I’ll go enter this into the logs,” Ash said, pulling his gaze away.

Rilasa nodded idly. She was already plugging in so she would be fully charged if anything happened.

Ash went to the other side of the room. They had removed an access panel and hacked into the station’s computer network. He finished the hack and uploaded the orders granting a shuttle to an Ensign Daniel Corrigan for a survey trip down to Lyshon. Once on the other side of the planet, they could break course and run for the border.

When he was finished, Ash went to his bags and opened a secret compartment. He pulled on a yellow Starfleet uniform and pinned a comm badge to his chest, becoming Ensign Daniel Corrigan.

Ash went over to the bed and leaned down, kissing Rilasa deeply. He heard the whine of the power transfer fade and the Romulan woman stirred.

“Morning,” Ash teased.

“You know I was not asleep,” Rilasa said, sitting up. She slipped out of bed and pulled off the negligee, leaving her naked.

Ash could only stare.

The Romulan went to her bag and pulled out a one piece bodysuit. It left her arms and legs bare so her holo-imagers could work. It was black, but with a faint shimmer, a special, thin, energy ablative body armor to offer some partial protection from energy weapons, a piece of experimental Romulan tech Ash wouldn’t mind getting into the hands of Starfleet R&D, but Rilasa kept their relationship strictly personal. She never shared any of the technical details that went into creating her.

When she was dressed, Rilasa turned back to Ash. “You are drooling.”

“How could I not?” Ash answered with a grin. “You are delicious.”

Rilasa rolled her eyes, but she did give a slight smile. Maybe she was coming around?

Rilasa held out her hand. Ash only stared at it for several long moments as some rather heated fantasies ran through his head. The Romulan cleared her throat.

“Oh, right,” Ash said, handing over the padd.

Rilasa flipped through the data and then synced with the personal information presented on the padd. Then her appearance shifted. The redheaded Romulan was replaced by a mousy brunette Human. She was mildly pretty, but would draw no attention. She wore a simple civilian blue tunic and khaki pants.

“How unflattering,” Rilasa said.

“I think you’re still lovely, Ril,” Ash said with a smile. “It’s what’s inside that counts.”

“Hatred and Borg bile?” The mousy brunette raised an eyebrow.

Ash sighed. “You know what I mean.”

“And this Antoinette will pass?” Rilasa asked.

“Yes,” Ash said. “Antoinette Le Pen is one of the civilian researchers here on the station. Biology. I overheard in the replimat there is going to be a lot of overtime in that department in the coming months. Someone’s pregnant or something.”

Ash paused as a painful emotion crossed Rilasa’s face.

“I’m sorry,” Ash said quietly. “I know it’s hard, being reminded…” Ash had twins of his own on the way with Selina.

“Anyway, there have been a lot of trips back and forth to the planet for research teams. There is a team on the planet now. Le Pen was supposed to join them. I made sure she got a case of food poisoning and is in Sickbay recovering. We should be able to get the shuttle and off the station before orders get changed.”

“You seem to think of everything, Ash,” Rilasa said, handing back the padd.

“It’s my job. Otherwise you get caught.”

“And get your pregnant fiancee shot in the head by her father.”

Now it was Ash’s turn to look pained. “Ril, I’m sorry. I…”

“You used me, Ash. Now I am using you. That is all,” Rilasa said coolly.

“It doesn’t change how we felt--”

“It doesn’t?” Rilasa snapped. “Being lied to? Our entire relationship?”

“Was real!” Ash insisted. “I was going to take you with me--”

Rilasa pulled one of the Cardassian disruptors from out of the case and aimed it at Ash, a whine sounding as it powered up. “Don’t finish that thought.”

Ash swallowed and nodded.

Rilasa took a breath, closed her eyes, calmed herself. She slid the disruptor into a bag.

Ash pulled out a phaser and put it into a holster on his hip. He was dressed as Security, so it would be expected for him to be carrying. They loaded the rest of the weapons into various cases for scientific apparati, taking out the power cells so they wouldn’t read as weapons if scanned. They loaded the cases onto a hand cart.


Rilasa just nodded and got the door. Ash tugged on the cart and they headed out toward the shuttle bay.


The deck officer that met them in the shuttle bay looked a bit harried. Ash had chosen a good time to make their exit. The bay was busy with incoming and outgoing shuttles, and the shift was changing. It was an ideal time for things to slip through the cracks.

The deck officer looked over the orders on the padd. He gave Antoinette a smile, and she blushed shyly. Daniel couldn’t help but glare a bit at the man.

“Everything seems to be in order,” the deck officer said quickly after he cross checked the order. “You can have the Hellespont,” he said, indicating a nearby runabout.

“Thanks,” Ensign Daniel Corrigan said. “Could we get the medical module instead of science or cargo?” he asked.

The deck officer looked at him curiously.

“They want it available on planet,” Daniel explained. “You know, just in case. They already have the science module down there.”

The deck officer shrugged. “Sure,” he said. “It’ll take about fifteen to swap that out.”

“That’s fine. I can run my preflights while you work.”

The deck officer went off, whistling and yelling at his crew to hop to and switch out the module.

“Why did you do that?” Antoinette asked as they walked toward the Hellespont. “That is just going to delay us. More time for them to discover our ruse.”

“Because a science or cargo module won’t do us any good,” Daniel said. “Or do you really expect us to get through this uninjured?”

Antoinette grew quiet. “Fair enough,” she said quietly. “Just keep Nali safe.”

Daniel nodded. “It’s just insurance, love,” he said quietly as they approached the runabout. The module had been removed, so they walked up the space frame and into the cabin. Daniel settled behind the controls and ran quickly through his preflight. By the time everything was buttoned down, the runabout was ready to go.

“Here’s to getting away scot free,” Daniel said as he ignited the thrusters and they rose off the floor. He angled the runabout toward the force field maintaining atmosphere in the shuttle bay. They slipped through easily and Daniel swung the ship in the direction of the planet.

“Let’s hope no one picks us up as we leave the system.”


Ash/Ensign Daniel Corrigan
Mysterious Stranger
NPC Megan DuBois

Mysterious Stranger
NPC Megan DuBois


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