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Gearing Up (Part 2)

Posted on Fri Jul 27, 2018 @ 12:57pm by Ketacyn Aumar
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Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Tier E - The Lonely Star
Timeline: MD06 2300 Hours

The Lonely Star was barely advertised. A shingle with a single neon star, a few of the lines burned out, was the only indication. But there was a decent amount of freighter crew that made their way in and out of the establishment as Ash and Rilasa observed. Many of them were likely less than legal, smugglers and pirates.

Ash and Rilasa walked into the dark interior. Ash had to blink to get his eyes to adjust, but Rilasa’s adjusted automatically and immediately. The light was as low as could be convenient to see. The floor, walls, and bar were dark wood, adding to the gloom. Tables filled the center, and booths lined the walls, providing some privacy. The place was about half full of customers drinking and raucously laughing, young men and women bustling through the tables with drinks.

A fight threatened to break out, but a Vulcan moved quickly to intervene, sitting the men back into their chairs with a stern look before she returned to her place at the back of the room beside the door leading to the restrooms and kitchen and likely the rear service exit. Ash was a bit surprised. She wasn’t what one typically thought of a Vulcan. She had dark copper hair tied back in a long braid down her back. She wore tight black leather pants that hung low on her hips, emphasizing her shapely feminine hips and thighs. A low-cut midriff top revealed a lot of cleavage and an impressive six pack of abs. Green eyes flashed from a face that had that severe beauty Vulcans were often known for. Her hand rested lightly, ready, on the two short Klingon pain sticks at her hip..

That was definitely a lot more skin than Ash had ever seen a Vulcan show, and he was a bit distracted for a moment as his eyes ran over her a moment longer than it took to assess her as a threat. And then he smiled, realizing that was just the point. Vulcan logic at work, she wielded her feminine wiles as an asset. He realized she’d just had a second or two extra time should violence have erupted, seconds that could have been fatal for him.

Ash gave the woman a nod of respect before he turned his attention to the other woman in the
room. The El-Aurian behind the bar was a striking contrast to the Vulcan. Where the Vulcan was a mix of hard muscle and soft curves, the El-Aurian was supremely feminine. Long golden
hair cascaded down delicate shoulders, framing beautiful blue eyes that were sapphire pools set
in her alabaster face. Full, pouty lips were painted a luscious, kissable red. She was voluptuous
with full breasts and hips. Despite that, she had a youthful appearance, a sort of baby doll beauty
in what Ash recognized as a kind of white Marilyn Monroe dress. He knew the youthfulness
was likely deceptive, and he had been around enough wily females in his career to recognize in
the way she leaned on the bar, wiping down glasses, that pillow talk likely formed as much of
her intelligence gathering as bar talk.

The bartender was talking to a beautiful Caitian female with pure white fur and a long-haired tail. Her head was covered in a red bandana, and she wore tight black leather pants and halter top and high boots that likely concealed a knife.

“That’s who we want,” Ash said, nodding to the bartender.

“Pretty sure you want all three women, the way you checked them out,” Rilasa commented.

Ash gave her a look. “Jealous?”

She paused. “Yes,” she said, with an actual bit of surprise in her tone.

“Sorry,” Ash said.

“Don’t be,” Rilasa told him, striding away from him and toward the bar.

Ash hurried to catch up. “Easy, Ril. Let me handle this. You’re a bit too direct for negotiations.”

Rilasa bellied up to the bar and interrupted something the Caitian was saying. “I hear you are the one to speak to if I need things.”

The El-Aurian raised a perfect eyebrow and smiled at Rilasa.

“Forgive her,” Ash said, coming up beside Rilasa. “She’s a bit too direct.”

The beautiful woman laughed. “I don’t mind direct,” she said. “Tiral is much the same way.” She nodded to the Vulcan, who had quietly edged closer to them, though still maintained her vigilance over the room.

“I am Ketacyn Aumar, and yes, I do know people that can get things.”

“Good,” Ash said with a handsome smile.

“Can I get you two anything to drink?”

“Scotch,” Ash ordered. “Neat.”

“Romulan ale,” Rilasa ordered.

“So what is it you need?” Ketacyn asked as she prepared the drinks. She also set a small black disk on the bar. Ash recognized it from his own work. It would prevent anyone outside about a five foot radius from overhearing their conversation.

Rilasa glanced suspiciously at the Caitian, who was definitely within the radius.

“You can trust Hepzibah,” Ketacyn said. “She sometimes works for me.”

The Caitian smiled at them, looked Ash over, and lifted her glass of milk and whiskey to him. “Hello,” she purred sensuously.

Ash grinned until Rilasa elbowed him.

“We find ourselves in need of weapons,” Ash said. “Obviously it is difficult to get a phaser past a transporter or a shuttle scan. We’re planning on crossing the border and would rather be able to defend ourselves.”

Ash sipped his scotch and lifted an eyebrow. It was good, certainly better than one would expect in a dive bar.

“I might know some people who can procure you something. Anything in particular?”

“I prefer a phaser, but I suppose a disruptor would do in a pinch,” Ash said.

Rilasa scoffed and sipped her Romulan ale.

“And what will you give me for connecting you with a dealer?”

“We have latinum,” Rilasa said.

Ketacyn shook her head. “Latinum isn’t what I deal in. It’s information.”

Rilasa clenched her fist, and Ash sensed the Vulcan ever so slightly tense, her hands gripping the pain sticks.

Ash pulled a data rod out of his pocket. “There are six classified Starfleet Intelligence transponder codes on here,” he said. “If you use them, no Starfleet vessel will stop your ship. They are only good this month, but they were just released a week ago. Could be useful for many people.”

Ketacyn raised an eyebrow. “Could be, indeed,” she agreed, picking up the data rod. “How do I know these haven’t been marked?”

“How do we know the dealer you provide won’t have shoddy merchandise?” Rilasa shot back.

Ash brushed a finger along the back of Rilasa’s neck, like an old lover. Calm, love, he thought to her.

“My business wouldn’t last long if I didn’t deliver,” Ketacyn pointed out. She looked over to the Vulcan and Tiral strode over.

“Check this,” Ketacyn told her.

Tiral nodded and took up a small padd from under the bar. She plugged in the rod and perused the contents. She tapped it a few times. “This seems legitimate,” Tiral said in a husky, sexy voice. “I see no evidence of tampering.”

Tiral handed the rod back to Ketacyn, and Ash couldnt’ help but watch as it disappeared into the beautiful blonde’s cleavage. “Your price is acceptable,” the El-Aurian smiled. “You have met Hepzibah. She finds herself in need of unloading a shipment of weapons she was left holding when Torm left the business.”

“Torm,” Ash said with a chuckle.

Rilasa gave Ash a look.

“Arms dealer,” Ash explained. “Found himself a permanent case of the dead.”

“Yes,” Hepzibah purred. “And now I am left with crates of Cardassian disruptors and Federation phasers and nowhere to unload them.” The Caitian sipped her milk and whiskey and leaned back against the bar in a way that emphasized her curvaceous figure, her delicate pink tongue licking the milk from her lips, her tail swaying behind her.

“Sounds like we can do business,” Ash said. “We don’t need crates, but we do need a sidearm and rifle apiece, and maybe some grenades.”

“Some heavy firepower.”

“I’m hoping we don’t need it, and planning for when we do.”

“Fair,” Hepzibah said. “Dock E, one hour. We’ll see if we can come to an agreement.” She slid lithely off her stool. “See you, Ket,” she purred, leaning over to give the El-Aurian a deep kiss before sauntering off with a sashay in her hips and tail.

“Okay, that is hot…” Ash said, staring.

Rilasa rolled her eyes. “Let’s go.” She started to move, when Tiral placed a pain stick against her chest, stopping her.

Rilasa stared down at the deactivated stick and then sneered.

“Pay,” Tiral said, nodding to their drinks.

“Now, Tir,” Ketacyn cooed. “First time customers. Let’s make them feel welcome. Drinks are on the house.”

Ash smiled as Tiral lowered the pain stick and the tension defused. “Good,” he said, but put down latinum to cover the drinks, plus a generous tip. “But I pay my way.”

“Fair,” Ketacyn said, disappearing the latinum down her cleavage. “Come back again.”

“I hope I can,” Ash said with a smile before Rilasa dragged him along.


Mysterious stranger
NPC Megan DuBois

Mysterious stranger
NPC Megan DuBois

Ketacyn Aumar
Proprietor, The Lonely Star
NPC Megan DuBois

Bouncer, The Lonely Star
NPC Megan DuBois

Hepzibah P’Rurr
Smuggler and mercenary
NPC Megan DuBois


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