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First Day

Posted on Tue Aug 14, 2018 @ 7:40pm by Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk
Edited on on Sun Nov 25, 2018 @ 8:41pm

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Level 8 - XO's Office
Timeline: MD16 1100 Hours

It had been years, probably even over a decade since Jason had last reported to a First Officer. Still, the protocol was burned into his brain. He had even nodded a few sirs to the Fleeters he had passed on his way out of habit alone. Jason gave himself a once over to make sure that his attire looked neat. He had picked out his best formal outfit to show how important the new job was for him. With a sigh, he pressed the door chime and waited. He had almost forgotten the feel of a Starfleet held station, and how nervous he was to dive back into that life.

Ron looked up from his desk, he had barely gotten settled into this office himself, but found himself busy with multiple officers bringing him reports, or wishing to raise something with him. He sighed to himself, wishing only to be left alone to his work, but conceded to the inevitable. “Come,” he instructed, allowing the doors to automatically roll open.

As another piece of evidence of his past as an enlisted, Jason walked toward the desk but did not sit without permission. "Sir, I just wanted to introduce myself." He stuck out his hand and added, "Jason Avery, the Director of Civilian Affairs." This was always the point in a meeting with the most tension, neither man knew each other and first impressions were everything.

“Sit,” Hawk ordered flatly pointing into an opposite seat. “I find myself in a unique situation with you,” he said cutting straight to the chase. “You report to me, a StarFleet exec. Yet you yourself are a civilian. I don’t pretend to know how this relationship is going to work, but my hope is that it will be of little difference to the rest of the people who fall under my care. Do you see this planning out any differently for you?”

Taking his seat, Jason took on a more relaxed tone. He held in a bit of a smile as he listened to the XO, it was plain to see that he was not used to dealing with civilians. "No difference, sir. It's new for all of us. Just consider me a Department Head who's department are the civilians aboard the station." He to got straight to business, following the lead of Lieutenant Hawk.

Ron nodded courteously as he tapped at his console. “I see you had a career with StarFleet yourself. Tell me, why did you leave?”

"Two tours of duty including the Dominion War," Jason started. Remembering some rather unpleasant memories, he finished, "I had my taste of seeking out the unknown."

Hawks heart missed a beat as the dominion war was mentioned. He too had his memories, most of which he tried to keep buried. He might have traded his stories over a very stiff drink with this fellow veteran, but today was not the day. “Why did you leave?” He asked instead, attempting to size up the man before him.

"I wanted to build something on my own," Jason responded, a smile of pride crossing his face. "Liam Martin, another enlisted aboard the Journey, and I managed to find and repair a freighter-type shuttle. At the end of our tour, we built the foundations of a company out of that old ship."

“I see,” Hawk said, eyeing the man. “And the company now? Do you still hold any interest in it?”

"I do not," Jason replied. "It would be a conflict of interest for me to hold interest in a company while holding my current position. My former partner now holds my shares in the Avery-Martin Shipping."

“Sounds like you had it made,” Hawk replied still sounding unimpressed. “Why take the position here when you could have remained a director of your own company?”

"I wanted to settle down, maybe start a family. I've been roaming the stars since I was sixteen," Avery responded. "Now that I've hit 40, my perspective has changed." Jason was starting to think Ron had a bit of a paranoia problem, career officers didn't operate on four year contracts like those who never attended the Academy.

“Ok,” Ron said in almost dismissive tones, “I still don’t feel I know who you are as a person. It’s important to me that I know my team, there are a lot of things personelle files don’t tell me. Especially when dealing with a civilian. So who are you Mr Avery?”

"I want my life to have meaning. I've built a career and a business on helping others to build their own lives, or rebuild in some cases," Jason started. He then nodded to the planet on the other side of the viewport, "Now I want to be be able to point to something and say that I built it.

Leaning forward a bit, Jason looked at Ron in the eyes. "As to who I am as a person," he stated. "Nothing I say here really matters. I can say that I'm hardworking, dedicated, and loyal, but those are just words. I have to prove who I am through my actions. I have to show that the people of this station are my top priority and that I would do anything to help the civilians of this station succeed so all of us have better lives for it." While not raising his voice or getting emotional, the passion behind his words could be heard.

Ron leant back in his chair, and allowed a smile to creep slowly across his face until he was beaming at the man opposite. “You and me are going to do well Mr Avery. Now do you have any questions for me?”

Returning the smile, Jason leaned back and responded, "When can I get started?"

Ron’s smile increased so far across his face that he almost looked like a Denobulan. “Straight away my friend,” he said, “our civilian complement isn't very large of right now, but with the opening ceremony coming up that is sure to change. You will no doubt have your work cut out for you as the population grows. Have you had a chance to familiarize yourself with the strip yet?”

"Not as much as I would have liked," Jason admitted. His next plan was to be able to give a tour of the strip on a crowded day with his eyes closed. The meeting had been a good meeting and he hoped that things would continue to run as smoothly. "Thank you for meeting with me, and I look forward to making an impact."

“And I look forward to seeing that impact,” Ron spoke warmly, his face depicting the same tone through creases that had somehow become more pronounced. At the same time his gaze said something about the finality of the meeting.

With a simple nod of appreciation. Jason rose from his chair and made his way toward the door. He was appreciative of the meeting and he hoped that it meant good things for his future.

Lieutenant Commander
Ronald Hawk
Executive Officer
Langley Station

Jason Avery
Director of Civilian Affairs
Langley Station


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