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Getting the red light

Posted on Thu Aug 30, 2018 @ 3:19pm by Jessica Stevens
Edited on on Sun Nov 25, 2018 @ 8:51pm

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Tier E - Eliza’s Bar
Timeline: MD08 1600 Hours

A young brunette girl of no more than 25 walked hesitantly from the airlock finding themselves on the strip aboard Langley station. It wasn’t Jessica’s first time on a stations promenade, in fact until now they were the only things that broke up the menotamy of life. But this time was different. This time she was not going to return to the freighter from which she came. From which she had spent her entire life.

This wouldn’t have been her first choice of destinations for a new life. But she wasn’t in the position that she had much choice. She had decided to leave the Ghana and this was its next stop. Mr Warren the ships captain had of course attempted to talk her out of it, but it was from him and his wife that Jess wished to escape. From the reminder of their son. If one thing was a positive about her now to be residence, it was that she was leaving the Ghana followed by a large delivery of Andorian Ale. She had never been fortunate enough to try the real thing, and she hoped that in the upcoming celebrations on Langley she might have her opportunity.

Her eyes lit up as she noticed a neon and flame lit door. A sure sign for an establishment that would allow for her hair to be let down. She entered and immediately ordered a Vodka from a hunky male hologram. She thought the drink only marginally as delicious as the person serving it. Drink still in hand she swayed her hips to the best of the music, moving slowly toward the crowded dance floor, where she danced seductivly, catching the eyes of ‘gentlemen’ surrounding her.

One such gentleman approached dancing in a manner which caused him to grind against her body. Giving the man a ‘come hither look’ she grabbed him around the neck before turning sour, and pushing him away causing him to stumble to the floor.

A few feet away from the dance floor stood an unusually tall figure, wearing a black suit complete with black sunglasses and earpiece. Just one member of Eliza’s private security team that kept the peace in the establishment. And by looking at his posture alone one could tell that most of the members of the club’s security team were your stereotypical ex-military figures, who were mostly in it for the quick paycheck and were as loyal as a dog. While overlooking the busy crowd the small scuffle didn’t go unnoticed by the figure and kept his eye on the two person involved.

The man that had been knocked to the floor stood and shook himself off before approaching Jess again. “You like it feisty, eh? I like that in a woman!”

“I think you got the wrong girl. I don’t just rough and tumble with anyone, especially with scum like you!” Jess replied sternly staring the man down.

“WHAT DID YOU CALL ME!?” Boomed the muscular man who now had approached to tower over Jess in an intimidated manner.

Jess was not to be intimidated however, but instead gave a small insincere smile, “I think you heard me, now I suggest you back off before you regret this.”

Laughter echoed from the tall man booming even over the almost deafening music playing in the venue. The entities time he was being stared down calmly by Jess. As he calmed, he began to run his hand through Jessica’s long brown hair. “I don’t think I’m going to regret anything sweet hearrghhhh.” He couldn’t finish his sentence. This owing to Jessica having placed her hand firmly over an area she ought not touch and squeezing even more firmly.

“Stand down, NOW. Or I will start to twist.”

The man now red in the face nodded with haste, and as he did the grip was loosened. He took a gasp, as if the whole time he had been able to breathe, and bent over to himself hold the same area the grip was placed upon.

Having kept an eye on the two like a hawk, the security guard, decided to put an end to the little scuffle and approached the two with the intent to kindly show them both the exit of the establishment in the most civilized fashion he could manage. “ Alright, you two had your fun!” His heavy voice sounded through the music and motioned towards the exit. “It’s time for you two to leave, take your brawl outside!”

Jess gave a twitter of disbelief. “I’m not going anywhere with this man,” she looked the unpleasant man up and down with discust. “As long as he can keep his filthy hands off me, you have no problem here.”

“I am not here to debate this with you, the owner is, One moment...” The man interrupted himself and motioned for the two to stop as he heard a voice through his com-unit and placed two fingers on the earpiece to block out the music and nodded to himself a few times and looked up at a row of one way blackened glass. “You sure, this… twig? As you wish.” The man replied and motioned for one of his colleagues to come over to throw the other trouble maker out of the club.

A moment of panic set in, whilst Jess attempted to understand what might have been said about her. “What’s going on? I assure you that that swine!” She waves her hand toward the man being escorted away, “was trying to take advantage of me. It’s my right to protect myself, right?”

“It's not about that... Just move.” The man ordered not striking up a conversation with the smaller woman as he pointed toward a set of glass doors. Not giving the woman much choice they made their way through the dancing crowd and he opened one of the doors and smirked a little. “in, up the stairs to your left. Good luck.., twig” The guard chuckled.

Jess followed the instructions, moving cautiously forward, only turning back to give a sarcastic smirk to the chuckling guard. After a slow climb the woman found her way to the top of the stair case, to be greeted by a luxurious sight indeed.

Sitting in a large leather office chair with her back towards the entrance of her office and having her feet up on a guard rail. Eliza was once more keeping a watchful eye over the many patrons that enjoyed a drink, a dance or company. “I hope he wasn't giving you too much trouble miss Stevens.” The woman in the chair said calmly.

Two questions crossed Jess’ mind, the first: was she referring to the guard or the over touch freely patron? The second is the one she decided to voice however: “how the hell Do you know my name?!?” She bellowed, there was no way she had expected anyone here to know her, at least not yet.

“You seemed surprised.” Eliza remarked with a smirk as she could see the young woman’s expression in the reflection of the glass. “Never mind that, Let me be the first to welcome you on board the station miss Stevens.” Eliza said with slight joy as she lowered her feet onto the floor, turned her chair around and leaned onto her desk with a smile. “Now, how would you like to earn 2000 credits a week?” Eliza offered looking at the young woman.

It was a great deal more than the amount Jess was used to earning, but something about this whole thing felt dodgy. This woman knew her name, knew she was new to the station, and no was offering her a good wage, but for what? “As much as the sum of credits does sound appealing. I don’t have any reason to trust you. I don’t know why you called me up here, or what you want from me, but somehow I think you have the wrong idea about me. Perhaps the same idea that imbecile down stairs had!”

Listening to the woman who was standing in front of her and enjoyed hearing the assumptions coming out of her mouth, she leaned forward a bit more while setting both elbows on the desk and cradled both hands. “What I have in mind for you is quite simple. I’m offering you a job.” Eliza explained skeptically. “But if you don’t trust me or don’t want to trust yourself enough to step into my business…. even if you have been around the block a few times.” She picked up a PADD and started to read it. “It's best not to waste both our time.., you know the way out miss Stevens.” Eliza said casually and wanted to see if she was seriously looking for employment.

“Been around the block a few times!?!?” Came an insulted outcry from the younger of the two women. “What exactly is that supposed to mean? If you believe your own words you definitely have the wrong girl.” Jess turned on her heel and started for the door. Eliza seemed to be right, they were both just wasting each other’s time.

Becoming even more amused by the young girl’s antics, Eliza couldn’t help but show a smile whilst leaning back in her chair. “I do believe I have the right girl for the job I’m offering, but as you wish off you go!” She waved the woman off and bowed over her desk to work on some tedious paperwork. "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out."

Jess reached the door before the words registered to her. ‘The right girl for the job I’m offering.’ The young woman turned back slowly to face the now working woman, or was she just pretending to work? “What job are you offering exactly? And if you have me down for some lady of the night, I swear me leaving won’t be the end of this.”

Eliza looked up from her work a moment later, she looked at the girl trying to determine something about her, then Eliza shook her head after realizing that the woman before her had already made up her mind about what kind of club Eliza’s is and the only type of job Eliza could offer. “If you really think I’m offering you that kind of job and you think it is that kind of establishment, you can go. Because this is not a brothel, it’s a place when men and women come to unwind after a long day without the need of such entertainment. And if you seriously think for one moment it is an escort service or a brothel, there is no place for you on my staff, miss Stevens!”

Jess gave a small titter of laughter, “I have been to enough clubs, just like this one in my time to know, that it has a seedy underbelly.” She said very straightly, “If you are not running a red light business in here, then someone out there is.” She gestured to point out of the window to the dancing crowds bellow, before turning once again and walking out the door like a whirlwind.

Watching the girl turn and walk away. Eliza slowly reclined into her chair as it got her thinking. Jess would come back to her, of that Eliza was sure. The other thing however needed more then just two moments of thought, it needed ironing out if it was true.


Eliza Diangelo
Assistant head of security (Proprietor of Eliza's.)
Langley Station

Jessica Stevens (NPC - Ron Hawk)


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