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Cardassian Diplomacy

Posted on Sun Aug 26, 2018 @ 5:43pm by Captain Kate Banninga & Lieutenant JG Marcella Solari & Lieutenant Ishresse sh'Thiasross & Captain T'Lisa Anderson & Gul Britoh Duscet
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Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Deck 8 - Conference Room
Timeline: MD05 1200 Hours


While Lieutenant Kael'ko had retreated to the colony on Lyshan, that left the officers of Langley Station and the U.S.S. Canterbury to clean up the mess he had caused. Gul Duscet of course was unaware of Kael'ko's existance, and was here looking for a man who had been held for years in a Federation detention facility, Duhal Revet, a diplomatic official in the Cardassian Foreign Ministry. Flanked by two enlisted men from the station's security detail, he made his way from the location he had been provided for transport toward the station's conference room. Trailing behind them one of Duscet's security officers, a glinn he thought was called Myrrn. In all his dealings with the Federation, the gul always marveled at how well lit and clean everything appeared to be. Of course, he kept his thoughts on the matter to himself, not deigning to speak to the human and Tellarite men who were guiding him through the starbase's corridors.

The doors to the meeting area parted and the security officers broke off and took up positions on either side of the portal as Duscet and his officer made their way through. Inside he was faced with a quartet of Federation female officers. Familiar as he was with Starfleet's rank structure, he took immediate note of the two women wearing four pips on their collars. "Captains," he said, his tone a touch over the top in warmth, "it is a pleasure."

"Gul, good to see you in the flesh," Kate said as she signaled him to take a seat, and sat down herself as well.

Duscet paused a moment, allowing Kate and the other women in the room to take their seats before him. His security officer remained standing just behind the Cardassian commanding officer's chair. "You will forgive me, captain Banninga, if we get straight to business. One of our diplomats has gone missing, and we are most eager to ascertain his whereabouts. All signs seem to point to your... quaint little station."

T'Lisa took a seat content to observe for now. Duscet appeared to be like mos Cardassian officials she'd met. Narcissistic with an over-inflated opinion of himself, believing he should be applauded for deigning to speak with those beneath him.

Ishresse shook her head, "I'm sorry to disappoint you Gul Duscet, but if a Cardassian diplomat had come through this quaint little station recently then I would know. Perhaps if you gave me the name of this missing diplomat then I could reach out to some of my contacts and see if they know anything." Her antennae became very still, focused on the Gul.

Duscet tossed his best fake smile at the purple-collared officer. "Duhal Revet," he said silkily, "is a career official with our foreign affairs ministry. He disappeared during the escape of a war criminal. Their shuttle," his tone turned darker, "was intercepted by the U.S.S. Canterbury at the edge of Cardassian and ferried here." He glared first at T'Lisa and before turning his black eyes on Kate and letting them linger. "Certainly you can't expect me to believe you ignorant of these circumstances, captains?"

"You are well informed, Gul, but your information has gaps. The shuttle my crew intercepted was in poor shape, systems including life support were down by the time we were able to examine the shuttle. Her occupants were long dead." T'Lisa said. "You must understand our hesitancy releasing this info, we have no wish to cause a diplomatic incident."

"A war criminal?" Ishresse's antennae bent closer to the Gul, watching him closely. "May I enquire as to the identity of this war criminal and the nature of the war crime?"

"I am very sorry to hear that Captain Anderson," the gul said, his tone as flat as the tabletop. "Captain Laryn of Izar," Duscet answered truthfully turning to glare at the Andorian with his black eyes, "was convicted for destroying civilian vessels attempting to flee a combat zone," he lied. "Now, he has taken the lives of two more Cardassian soldiers and caused significant damage to one of our outposts... and our shuttle."

Ishresse nodded, "Captain Laryn was a starfleet officer, presumed dead during the Dominion war. I'm sorry that he killed your men during his escape, however he should have been turned over to us at the end of the war, along with all other prisoners, as stipulated in the Treaty of Bajor." Ishresse's antennae surveyed the other occupants of the room, while her eyes remained fixed on Duscet.

"We will of course want to return minister Revet's remains to his family on Cardassia Prime," Duscet said relaxing his posture slightly.

Ishresse kept her expression neutral as she spoke, "I'm sure that can be arranged with time. But I would rather discuss the fact that you have kept Captain Laryn incarcerated for almost twenty years."

The bulky Cardassian gul sighed heavily, his shoulders heaving with the breath. It was evident that he was not looking forward to saying what he was going to say next. "An unfortunate oversight. Laryn was found guilty in a Cardassian court of the murder of innocent citizen of the Union fleeing a warzone. During the war, diplomatic efforts were made to secure a sentence other than death for the captain and he was moved to a hard labor camp on Indricet IX. Because of the severity of his crime and his separation from other POWs, he was not included in the release of prisoners at the conclusion of the Dominion conflict.

"The Cardassian Union has instructed me to offer our most heartfelt apologies for the oversight. An official apology has no doubt already been transmitted to Starfleet Command from Cardassia Prime," Duscet paused a moment and spread his hands across the tabletop. "This is why we are not interested in pursuing captain Laryn and are only interest in the return of our minister and our property." He finished with a satisfied smile, having successfully, at least in his mind, moved the topic back to the missing Cardassian and away from Laryn.

"I am currently unaware of the whereabouts of the body of Duscet, however I believe the shuttle may be easier to track down" Ishresse's antennae rotated to focus the two captains in the room, "Captain Anderson, I am correct in assuming that the Cardassian shuttle is still aboard the Canterbury?"

"It is indeed. I can have it transferred to your vessel, If you wish, Captain." T'Lisa replied watching for the Cardassian's reaction, wondering if he'd take the bait. Vulcan weren't supposed to lie, but this was a bluff, not a lie.

Ducet nodded curtly. "Very much, captain. Approximately how long do you think it will take to transfer the shuttle and... locate the remains our dearly deceased minister Revet?"

Kate looked at T'Lisa, wondering how she was going to respond, knowing there was no body nor that the shuttle wasn't on her ship. She was amazed by the way the other Captain was able to hide her false statements.

"I fear it may take several days, Captain, bureaucracy, I'm sure you know how it is." T'Lisa said.

Exasperation washed over Duscet's face at the woman's words. "Typical Starfleet incompetence!" he exclaimed and pounded a fist on the tabletop before him, the beat punctuating his own words and reverberating briefly throughout the room. The hefty Cardassian sighed, willing his frustration out of his body. His shoulders shifted, shrugging with the strong breath. "I will give you two days, captain. After that, the decision will be out of my hands."

"When the body is ready to be transferred," Kate said. "we will contact your ship. Or if you have been called back to Cardassia, we will contact your government and arrange for a transport." She continued looking at the Cardassian Captain without blinking. Letting him know that she wasn't joking or had any plans to do what he said, just because he said so. This was her station and here she decided what happened.

Duscet knew that his Galor-class ship alone was no match for the station's defenses. He also had not been authorized for any aggressive action even if Stafleet proved difficult, as they usually did. He sat in silence for a moment, a long pregnant pause hung in the air of the conference room. "Certainly you would not wish to instigate a diplomatic incident over a corpse and a damaged shuttle, captains." He pushed himself away from the table and rose to his feet. "Two days," he reiterated then pressed a button on the communicator on his wrist. "Kralor, two to transport," he said into the device and within seconds disappeared in a swirl of orange-colored light, along with his security officer.

After the door closed Kate said, "Whatever you do, do not hand over that shuttle before 3 days are gone." Who did that Captain think he was coming here making demands like that on her station.

"Aye, ma'am." T'Lisa said. "I think I got under his skin." She had actually found her sparing with the Cardassian enjoyable.

Ishresse nodded, "Yes, I think you did. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to that later." She slowly picked up a PADD and made a couple of notes. "There is one more thing Captains. We have the real Revet, apparently hes been in Starfleet custody for some time. We can have him here in under three days, but the request would need o be made now, and we will need a very good excuse to give to Duscet."


Capt Kate Banninga
Commanding Officer
Langley Station

Captain T'Lisa Anderson
Commanding Officer
USS Canterbury

Lieutenant Ishresse sh'Thiasross
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Langley Station

Lt JG Marcella Solari
Chief Security
USS Canterbury

Gul Britoh Duscet
Commanding Officer
C.D.S. Kralor


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