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Progress meeting

Posted on Thu Aug 23, 2018 @ 8:13am by Captain Kate Banninga & Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk & Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Lieutenant Kael'ko & Lieutenant Ishresse sh'Thiasross & Lieutenant JG Nehini Naix
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Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Location: Langley Station - Level 8 - Conference Room
Timeline: MD14 1000 Hours


"Good morning everyone, " Kate said as she stood up from her seat. "As everyone is present I'd like to begin our progress meeting." She looked around her team. "We have two weeks left till the official opening. I'd like to go over the program as well as discuss what needs to be done. Lieutenant Thiasross, would you like to start with the plans for the festivities planned so far?"

"Of course Captain" Ishresse inclined her head towards Kate, "As the plan stands we are going to have a week of celebrations. Day one will kick off the ceremony and we will have to official opening ceremony then too. I though it would be good for you to give a speech Captain, and I thought the colony Governor should give one, as should you Commander O'Connor."

"Off course, will do," Kate said. She looked at Caoimhe to see what she would say. The look on her face said she didn't like it, but then again she probably hated being here right now.

“A speech?” Caoimhe was still trying to formulate a response to a suggestion that was completely and utterly rediciolius. “Is it completely necessary? The Captain and colony should be more than enough. People hate nothing more than standing around waiting for people to speak.”

Ishresse nodded and continued "Well, I thought you should Commander, seeing as you are the head of the research department, the team who will breathe new life into their ailing planet. Anyway, the remainder of the first day will be taken up with a formal celebration, dress whites, dignitaries, the works. The rest of the week will be taken up by celebrations on the Promenade and in the colony. I've already spoken with a few store keepers and they seemed to like the idea of this celebration."

Ron sat back in his seat, relieved that he was not asked to make a speech himself. But if he was honest a little bored. As much as he knew he was going to enjoy the social aspect of a week of celebrating, planning such events did not play to his strengths, nor did it interest him. None the less he held an interested expression upon his face as he listened on.

"Security's going to be a nightmare, Captain and I don't exactly have a full security compliment, perhaps we could approach Captain Anderson about lending us some of her personnel." Ana said.

"Do what is needed to make sure you have enough people." Kate said to Ana.

This being his first time meeting with the senior staff as a whole, lieutenant Kael'ko had arrived as early as possible. In deference to the other officers who had served on Langley longer than he, the intelligence officer had taken a position at the far end of the table from the captain's chair. Just beginning his transformation back into his original, Risian form, the Cardassian features he'd grown used to had dulled somewhat over the last week and half. Still, he found himself absentmindedly stroking the ridge running along his neckline as he listed to the other officers reports. Finally, he felt it was his turn to speak up. "This is the type of situation that our intelligence assets live for captain. I'll have agents undercover in the crowd, working... er, conversing with the various guests and dignitaries attending the celebration. Blackdog Station," he said referring to the intelligence office by its codename, "will liaise with command and security as appropriate, of course."

“What sort of a station do you think we are trying to run here?” Hawk piped up in an agrevated tone. “We can’t just simply spy on guests. Listen to their every word. I mean what exactly would you be listening out for Lieutenant?”

While he didn't exactly feel like being diplomatic with his response to the commander, Kael'ko knew that was the best course of action. Having spent the last two years undercover as a diplomatic official made fighting his first impulses easier. It was becoming apparent that Hawk either hadn't worked with Starfleet Intelligence in his past, and had a fundamental lack of understanding for what they did, or he had a general dislike for the intelligence profession that probably stemmed from a lack of understanding of their role in maintaining Starfleet and Federation security. "Commander, no one is suggesting that we listen in on our guests' every word. Covert intelligence gathering in this type of situation is much less high-tech than you might think. A skilled intelligence officer can get more out of a simple conversation at a party that you would believe." He paused and looked around the room at the various officers assembled there, wondering how many of them might also have bias against him just because of his job.

"We won't be planting bugs in the anyone's quarters, commander," he said, returning his gaze to Hawk. "But we don't want anyone and everyone to know who we are and what we do sir. So, while my agents will be attending the festivities, they will be doing so out of uniform and under assumed identities. They'll be looking for anything suspicious, gathering information on trade deals, political news and gossip, and anything else that might be of interest to SI and the Federation."

"Go ahead, Lieutenant." Kate said, while looking at Ronald. She agreed with his concerns, but she also know Kael'ko's investigation would give them valuable information. "But only do as you just mentioned. Just your officers in off duty clothing, mixing in with the guests."

"Wouldn't it just be easier to close off portions of the station to guests during the celebration?" Rose piped in a bit surprised at the road this was taking.

"Yes, that will be happening, although the festivities will be held in the civilian sections of the stations mostly and the rest is already off limits for civilians and visitors." Kate replied.

Nehini had remained quiet for most of the talking, though she did feel excited at the prospect of a celebration. It had been so long since she had enjoyed herself immensely, and just spent time with friends as they also enjoyed themselves. She smiled at Ishresse and hoped her and her mates would be going to the party.

"I am very pleased by this announcement, Captain. And I will help in anyway that I can, being a Betazoid I know I can be of great help, if needed of course", smiled at Kate, and then looked around the table and noticed the intelligence officer, Lieutenant Kael'ko and how he kept stroking along his neckline.

"Lieutenant Kael'ko, you must have so much experience to offer us here at Langley station. I can't even imagine what you have seen", tilted her head a little.

Kael smiled warmly through his fake face at the counselor. At least there seemed to be one person who wasn't predisposed to distrusting him. "Thank you counselor. I do look forward to working with you all."

“If only I could say the same about you,” Hawk muttered under his breathe so as to not be heard. Intelligence had its place, but when Star Fleet intelligence seemed to look at so many internal as well as external matters he found them hard to trust.

Kate saw the expression on Hawk's face and made a note to talk to him about his problems with Kael. "Sounds good so far, what else need to happen?"

Ishresse checked her PADD "I have a few more details about the formal part of the celebration. Obviously all the Department heads should be there for that, but I think we should run a lottery, or a ballot, to figure out which of the other officers and the enlisted personnel can attend. I also want to speak briefly about inviting some dignitaries. Some Starfleet Admirals and Federation Dignitaries, but perhaps some important Cardassian's too? After all, there are several Cardassians living in the colony."

Having dealt with the diplomatic officer already, Kael felt certain that he had something of an ally in her. He looked to Ishresse as she concluded. "Could you forward a copy of the completed guest list to my office?" he asked holding up an interjecting finger.

Aside from having had it pounced upon her that she would have to give a speech, Caoimhe was still failing to see why precisely she was needed here. She didn’t give an overall damn about spies and politics and parties; it was becoming a little irritating having to watch the interplay’s between individuals and the obvious dislike between some. “Am I needed for anything further?”

Kate did her best to hide her annoyance. Didn't they all have someplace better to be. Or something better to do. "If you have nothing related to the opening to share with the rest, you may be excused." Kate said to her chief researcher.

Pushing away from the table, Caoimhe nodded her head to the team at large as she moved to her feet. “I have a melt down in the chemical labs to reign in and it now seems a speech to write ontop of that. So if you’ll all excuse me.” The woman turned on her heel and left the room before it dawned on her, sure hadn’t Hawk warned her to keep her nose out of his business, Sure the opening was his business so she definitely didn’t need to be there.

The counselor could definitely feel the tension around her among a few of the crew, and she felt the need to bring all of them together and find out how she could help. But this wasn't a counseling session, it was a meeting with the Captain. Plus one of them was leaving, as Nehini watched the Chief researcher leave the room.

"You're welcome Lieutenant Kael'ko, but I can feel not all of us feel this way", Nehini said with a sigh as she crossed her arms and looked around the room. "Whatever is needed of me, I am here. Just tell me what needs to be done"

Lieutenants Kael'ko and sh'Thiasross, I'm going to require reports from you, so I can organize Security to meet your needs." Ana said.

Ishresse nodded, "I shall get it to you before the end of the week." She made a quick note on her PADD, reminding her to actually send it to Ana, rather than just writing it and leaving it on her desk amongst a thousand other PADDs.

Kael nodded slowly as the diplomat responded first. "Blackdog station's needs should be minimal," he said making a mental note to liaise with the station's security office.

Looking at the time Kate stood up. "I think we have enough for now to work on."


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