S01E02: First Unity

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Now that the station has been open and functioning for a few months, the Starfleet team can focus on the future.

Langley Station: With increased ship traffic, Langley Station is bustling, and the crew are preparing for the official opening. A week of festivities is planned, with sports, parties, and a formal official banquet attended by as many VIPs as they could drag out to this backwater corner of the quadrant.

Research Center: The first soil and environmental tests of the planet are complete and the science team can now start planning how they will make the agricultural colony thrive again. They need to determine how best to purify and revivify the soil so it will grow more than just a motley assortment of weeds and scraggly vegetables and crops.

USS Canterbury: A new garrison ship was assigned to the station, the Intrepid class USS Canterbury. Soon after arrival, it already has its first assignment as a member of the station crew steals a shuttle and heads for Cardassia.

Part of Season 1: First Times

Mission 11: Under the Sea

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After returning from a failed diplomatic mission to initiate contact with the underwater inhabitants of the ocean world Zouria II, Captain Alenis Meru has fallen ill with an unknown illness. Will the crew of the Sedna be able to find a cure in time?

Part of Season 1: First Times

Survey Surprise

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The Canterbury makes a survey to six star systems near Langley Station

Part of Season 1: First Times

Farther Adventures

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For stories outside of the current mission (backposts) or outside of space surrounding Langley Station.

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S01E01: First Dawn

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Starfleet command has decided to take command back over the Colony on Lyshan I, a planet near the Cardassian demilitarized zone. A breadbasket world with lots of opportunities. But what about the already excising colony? Will they be happy about the new overseers. How will they work together. And what about the rumors that Starfleet brought a very large Research Division with them.

Part of Season 1: First Times