Deck Listing

Langley Station

The Regula series of stations were designed as small, flexible platforms for long-duration scientific missions in isolated locations. In the 2340's, faced with the same problem they were having with the Spacedock class of base, Starfleet decided to field two new bases. Both bases were based on the Regula design, but were scaled up to provide the room for enhanced capabilities and starship accommodation. Two types of bases were fielded, both had the same starship support functions, yet one was geared for sector/system defense and command, and the other for deep space scientific research.

The scientific version of the Regula boasts impressive science capabilities and, along with its predecessor, has a modular approach to its scientific platforms, allowing various bases to be configured with different instruments.

Lyshan Colony

Lyshan Colony has seen better days. During the 2350s and 2360s the colony was the premier breadbasket world of the sector. It provided food for stations and other colony worlds in a growing metropolis. The volcanic soil combined with the river delta provided the colony with rich farmland on par with any in the Federation.

The War changed that drastically. The heart of the colony is all that remains. The rest is either left in disrepair or has been leveled. There are a few places of note, but the colony is a mere echo of what it once was.

USS CanterburyThe USS Canterbury is an Intrepid Class starship garrisoned to Langley Station. She is commandered by the experienced Captain T'Lisa Anderson.