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Lieutenant JG Drielle sh'Irrik

Name Drielle sh'Irrik

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Date of Birth (Age) 30
Place of Birth Andoria

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 130 lbs.
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Drielle has a slight figure, ideal for a pilot. She is considered attractive for an Andorian.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Drielle is driven, but not overly serious. She has a fun loving side, but often has a hard time separating her personal life from work.

Personal History Generations ago, Drielle’s family were warriors who proudly served aboard the starships of the Andorian Imperial Guard. That ended when her great-grandfather was killed in disgrace during a skirmish with the Gorn Hegemony. Ever since, her line had been banned from service in the guard, and generally kept to the ground doing civilian labor. Drielle however dreamed of the stars. While her family may have been banned from serving in the Imperial Guard, that did not extend to Starfleet. At a young age the Andorian girl set her sights on being a pilot the Federation’s vaunted expeditionary force. She poured herself into her studies and excelled at physical pursuits as well, always pushing herself to do her best. Her hard work paid off with her acceptance into Starfleet Academy and a ticket from Andoria to Earth.

Drielle proved to be a standout cadet, and was at the top of her class at the end of her freshman year. So impressive was she in fact that it attracted the attention of Starfleet Intelligence officers stationed within the Academy, looking for potential recruits. Drielle was resistant to the idea at first, her sights still set firmly on a career as a pilot. When she was told that Intelligence wanted her to continue along that path, because SI needed their own trained pilots as well. Indeed SI ensured that Drielle had the best training and opportunities as a cadet, and she was assigned to a training group on Jupiter Station during her third year, where promising young pilots participated in test flights on new shuttlecraft designs. After her graduation the following year, Drielle remained on Jupiter station as an ensign, and was often responsible for ferrying officers to nearby planets, like Vulcan, Risa, and her homeworld, Andoria. Many of these flights however never reached their documented destinations, as they were cover for intelligence operations Drielle participated in during her two years aboard the station. Starfleet Intelligence made sure the flight plans were recorded as completed and there were no abnormalities in the data of course.

Following her time aboard Jupiter Station Drielle was assigned to a listening post along the Romulan border. A particularly active region even many years after the Hobus Incident, Drielle often found herself engaging in space combat during intelligence gathering operations. Over a five year tour on the small satellite station known as Installation Umber, Drielle and her compatriots were confronted by pirates, the Orion Syndicate, rogue Klingons, and the rebuilding Tal’Shiar. With Starfleet shuttering the Umber station Drielle and the other assets there have been reassigned. Drielle has been transferred to the newly established Blackdog Station aboard Starbase 65 - Langley Station, and received a promotion to lieutenant (j.g.).
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Recruited by Starfleet Intelligence - Trainee Test Pilot, Jupiter Station (Years 3 & 4)
Jupiter Station - Test Pilot / Intelligence Officer
Installation Umber - Infiltration Specialist/ Pilot
Langley Station, Blackdog Station - Infiltration Specialist/ Pilot

Station Data

Duty Level N/A
Security Level N/A