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Nadiya Blackford

Name Nadiya Blackford

Position Rancher

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 19-01-2366 (29)
Place of Birth Lyshan Colony

Physical Appearance

Height 162cm
Weight 67Kg
Hair Color Mahogany
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Nadiya dresses herself for utility rather than appearances. She does her best to keep her unruly curls in check but fails more often than not. She spends most of her time in the fields and her face is freckled due to this. She has a strong build, which is especially apparent due to her short stature.


Father Geoffrey Blackford (deceased)
Mother Mariah Blackford (deceased)
Brother(s) Delain Blackford (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Despite all the setbacks in her life Nadiya remains an optimist. She loves the work on the ranch in the solitude, never having been involved with the rest of the town much. When she does come to town she buds heads with some of the more conservative people in the colony.
Strengths & Weaknesses Nadiya is fiercely independent. She has taken the family ranch under her care from an early age and has done all she can to keep it running. Due to her independent streak she can be stubborn to the point of not accepting help from others in the community. She is a hard worker that knows her trade and she takes pride in her skills and accomplishments.
Ambitions To make Blackford Estate a thriving ranch again, as part of a large community that is self sustainable.
Hobbies & Interests There's very little time for any hobbies that don't contribute to the work on the ranch. She keeps one riding horse on the ranch and she likes to clear her head by heading out into the wilds and just riding.
Languages Federation Standard

Personal History In Nadiya her early life the colony was thriving, there were several large settlements and the Blackford Estate produced some of the finest milk and beef available on Lyshan. She was the second child, she and her brother being ten years apart. As a toddler she wanted for nothing. Things started to change after 2370. The Federation treaty with Cardassia placed Lyshan in the middle of the Cardassian DMZ and on the wrong side of the fence. A Cardassian Gul was assigned to the Colony and much of the produce was levied for the Cardassian Union. Discontent among the population started to form into a small ember of discontent. That ember was fanned when the Maquis announced their presence later in the year the community rallied around their cause, in secret of course. Nadiya her father being one of the community leaders pushing for an alliance with the newly risen rebel element.

The rebellion grew in Lyshan Colony, their raids becoming more daring. It grew to the point where the taxes were no longer being paid and more than once incoming transport vessels were sabotaged and grounded for long periods of time. THere was a sense of them getting the upper hand, like Bajor had done for the past 50 years. All that was cut short in 2373. The Cardassian Union allied themselves with the Dominion. Two weeks later the skies turned black, that same day the fields turned black as well.

In the following days the ground assault took the surface by storm. The Maquis presence on the surface tried to set up defensive positions but the Jem'Hadar were ruthless. After the siege the population of Lyshan was decimated, among the fallen were Nadiya's parents and brother. She was seven at the time. Living with a friend of the family off the estate Nadiya was homeschooled with two other kids that were orphaned in the wake of the siege. The other two children left for other family in the years after, Nadiya never did.

The Treaty of Bajor was signed, peace washed over the Alpha Quadrant. Colonies around the Federation were being repaired. Lyshan didn't get that same treatment. The diminished population dwindled even further by emigration and through natural causes.

When she came of age Nadiya became the owner of the Blackford Estate, it was neglected and in disrepair. The next five years she spent rebuilding the ranch, using the family money and aid from the community to do so. After everything was in place she used the last of the money to purchase new lifestock for the farm. Getting a healthy stock of milk and beef cows, a riding horse and a couple dozen chickens.

She has been living a quiet life out on the ranch, scraping together what she can with the limited resources the land has to offer. The first real winter in 2392 was devastating to her lifestock, who were already weakened. She had to use the last of the family savings to replenish her livestock. Currently she lives week by week, her income mostly based on bartering commodities with the local community.

Station Data

Duty Level N/A
Security Level N/A