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Ketacyn, Tiral, and Hepzibah

Name Ketacyn, Tiral, and Hepzibah

Position Undefined

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian, Vulcan, and Caitian
Date of Birth (Age) October 11, 2220 (175); April 14, 2350 (45); December 17, 2362 (33)
Place of Birth Prague, Czech Republic, Earth; Vulcan; Cait

Physical Appearance

Height 1.5 m (5’3”)/1.8 m (6’0”)/1.7 m (5’10”)
Weight 52 kg (115 lb)/58 kg (130 lb)/54 kg (120 lb)
Hair Color Blonde/Copper/White
Eye Color Blue/Green/Pale blue
Physical Description Ketacyn: Cuts an extremely feminine figure, with soft, lush, full-bodied curves, long, flowing golden hair cascading down delicate shoulders framing beautiful blue eyes that are sapphire pools set in her alabaster face over full, pouty lips. She has a youthful, baby doll beauty and innocence belied only by the wisdom of over a century of life in her eyes.

Tiral: She isn’t what one typically thinks of a Vulcan. She has dark copper hair tied back in a long braid down her back. She wears tight black leather pants that hang low on her hips, emphasizing her shapely feminine hips and thighs. A low-cut midriff top reveals a lot of cleavage and an impressive six pack of abs. Green eyes flash from a face that has that severe beauty Vulcans are often known for.

Hepzibah: Has the features of a white long-haired Persian, though her face is more or less humanoid. She is thin and curvaceous, her tight, wiry muscles hidden beneath her soft layer of fur. She tends to wear more provocative clothing, but isn't above being practical when necessary.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Ketacyn: Projects and aura of friendliness and attentiveness with a flirty, come-hither attitude that helps people open up to her.

Tiral: Cool and calculating, wields feminine assets like a weapon, logical

Hepzibah: Fun-loving and flirtatious, she tends to not take things too seriously. Has a very carpe diem attitude to life.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Ketacyn: Attentive, listening, knows how to put people at ease and get them talking, connected, wise, gorgeous

Tiral: Intelligent, logical, highly trained hand to hand and phaser combatant, beautiful

Hepzibah: Athletic, observant, fearless, charming, beautiful


Ketacyn: Manipulative, distrusting, self-interested.

Tiral: Sometimes too aloof, has trouble letting in people other than Ketacyn and Hepzibah

Hepzibah: Fastidious, impulsive, terrible singer, adrenaline junkie, curious, vain, outcast
Ambitions Make money
Hobbies & Interests Ketacyn: Collects dolls and stuffed animals, jazz, film noir

Tiral: Collects weapons, training

Hepzibah: Fast ships, gambling, extreme sports, dancing, karaoke, exercise, drinking, sex
Languages Federation, Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Yridian, Bajoran, Caitian

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Ketacyn is the proprietor of The Lonely Star cantina, a dive bar located on the Strip of Langley Station. It caters to ships stopping at the station.

But Ketacyn’s specialty is information. She gathers it and sells it. If you need cash and have knowledge that might be valuable, Ketacyn is the girl to see. If you need information that is supposed to be secret, she’s your girl. If you need a contact, she likely knows someone.

Ketacyn moved to Langley Station from Leto Colony when Starfleet pulled out its presence on the planet, deeming the new opportunities opening up on Cardassian border more profitable.

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Tiral is Ketacyn’s best friend, right hand woman, and muscle. They are also occasionally lovers, when Ketacyn isn’t bedding someone to tease out information from them. Tiral had been kidnapped by Orion pirates as a child and grew up in that violent life, learning to fight for survival and use her femininity as a weapon.

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Hepzibah ran away from home at fifteen to avoid her first arranged marriage. She odd-jobbed around the galaxy on freighters of various legality, occasionally a bit of smuggling or piracy, eventually working freelance as a mercenary and smuggler. She serves as Ketacyn’s agent off station.

Station Data

Duty Level N/A
Security Level N/A