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Lieutenant Kael'ko

Name Kael'ko

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Risian
Date of Birth (Age) May 24, 2357
Place of Birth Suraya Bay, Risa

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 185 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Kael'ko is tall and in excellent physical condition. A typical Risian, he is considered classically handsome by human standards. He wears his chestnut brown hair a little long, hooding his jet black eyes. He has a several tattoos, though none are visible when he is in uniform. Kael also has a four-inch jagged scar on his left pectoral from a Klingon mek'leth.


Spouse Dr. Elisabeth Beckett, M.D., Federation Health Organization, Tellar Prime
Children Daughter: Varaya Beckett, Student, Tellar Prime (17)
Son: Ja'dean Beckett, Student, Tellar Prime (15)
Father Dana'di, Architect, Risa
Mother Siriiana, Marine Biologist, Risa
Other Family Commander Alexander Beckett, Father-in-Law
Olivia Beckett, Mother-in-Law
Melissa Beckett, Sister-in-Law
Christina Beckett, Sister-in-Law
Andrew Beckett, Brother-in-Law

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kael'ko is good-natured and highly intelligent. He is assertive and speaks with confidence. While not always able to be with his family, Kael is a dedicated husband and father. He is a true Federation patriot and is willing to do whatever he has to to protect the Federation. He is used to being part of a small team, and can chaffe under strict Starfleet protocols.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Ambitions, assertive, and confident; a team player
Weaknesses: workaholic, secretive
Ambitions Kael'ko is good-natured and highly intelligent. He is assertive and speaks with confidence. While not always able to be with his family, Kael is a dedicated husband and father. He is a true Federation patriot and is willing to do whatever he has to to protect the Federation. He is used to being part of a small team, and can chaffe under strict Starfleet protocols.
Hobbies & Interests Because of the nature of his work, Kael'ko has not had time to develop any dedicated hobbies. He is generally able to find something fun to do whatever circumstance he finds himself in. Though he rarely has time for it, Kael does enjoy rock climbing and cliff diving, holdovers from his youth on Risa. He has a keen interest in galactic politics and is a self-confessed 'news junkie.'
Languages Risian, Federation Standard, Cardassian, Bajoran

Personal History While Kael'ko's parents cared deeply for one another, there is no concept of marriage in traditional Risian society. Eventually they drifted apart, around the time Kael'ko was three years old. He would spend the majority of his youth with his mother, Siriiana, in Suraya Bay, a beautiful beach haven where she conducted research on the local marine life. Kael was an active and adventurous child, spending his free time swimming in the crystal blue ocean waters and climing the surrounding cliffs. He proved to be an excellent student and athlete, and while Suraya Bay offered good schools, it turned out that he needed better opportunuties. His father, Dana'di, had been a frequent visitor throughout Kael's childhood, but lived in the planet's capital city, Nuvia. At age 16 Kael moved into his father's apartment in the capital and finished his secondary education there, where the schools were considered to be better.

Kael was directly recruited by Starfleet Academy thanks to his standardized yest scores. A part of Omicron Squadron, Kael proved to be a top notch cadet, and developed a mentorship with the squads faculty advisor, Commander Alexander Beckett. It was during his second year on Earth that he became romantically involved with Beckett's oldest daughter, Elisabeth, who was studying for a medical degree at a San Francisco university. This caused a temporary rift to develop between Kael and Commander Beckett. This rift worsened before it began to heal, when Elisabeth found out she was pregnant with Kael's child. Because of his Risian heritage, the idea of marriage never crossed Kael's mind. Elisabeth was aware of the lack of a marriage concept in the Risian culture and took the initiative, proposing to Kael herself.

It was just after the birth of his daughter, Varaya, that Kael's squardon spent most of their third year aboard the U.S.S. Mystique, a training vessel deployed along the Cardassian border. The Dominion War had concluded around the time Kael entered the Academy, but tensions in the area were still high as the terrorist organization known as the True Way experienced a ressurgence. A Sabre-class vessel, they were armed for combat if necessary, and it was unfortunately necessay on more than one occassion. During one encounter with the renegade Cardassian, the ship was boarded and most of the crew taken captive. Commander Beckett, Kael'ko, and Suraf, a Vulcan cadet each escaped the True Way soldiers and eventually allied together to retake the ship. Unfortunately for Beckett the encounter forced him reveal the Mystique's nature as a front for a Starfleet Intelligent data gathering operation overseen by the commander. This led to Beckett immediately recruiting both men to work with Intelligence.
After returning to Earth, Kael and Elisabeth were finally able get married. Elisabeth would also give birth to their son, Ja'dean during the later part of the year, follwing Kael's graduation from the Academy. Along with Suraf he would begin working at Starfleet Intelligence's headquarters on Earth analyzing information receiving from other listening operations along the Cardassian border and assets within the region. While Suraf was perfectly happy working in front of a terminal looking at streams of information all day, Kael felt like something was missing. He wanted the thrill of the field, like he had experienced during that training cruise gone wrong aboard the Mystique. Kael'ko requested that his father-in-law, Commander Beckett, reassign him to a field position. Alexander was against the idea, though he knew it was for selfish reasons, not wanting to send his daughter's husband away. In the end, Kael was able to convince him to acquiesce with Elisabeth's help.

Within weeks Kael'ko was shipped out to a Starfleet communications station along the Cardassian border. A small station, Relay 14 was really a front for an Intelligence operation. Under the command of Lieutenant Commander K'tllin, the six person team was a rapid response unit, designed to intervene in emergency situations that required a delicate touch. The newly assembled unit soon became deeply invested in tracking a True Way cell lead by a former Gilzara Rokain, a former Gul in the Obsidian Order turned terrorist. The group was responsible for the recovery of stolen weapons systems, stopping the flow of the drug Slyck into Federation space, and rescuing civilian hostages from the terrorist group over the course of a two year period. Their experiences fighting the True Way also brought the team into conflict with a remnant of the Maquis, who rejected the developing peace with the new Cardassian government and were still dedicated to the idea of founding an independent nation-state of their own. Kael's first undercover operation was with this group of Maquis, and he was able to cultivate assets within the group over the course of a six-month period. Eventually, with actionable information of a pending attack on a high profile Federation / Cardassian summit on Bajor, the Relay 14 team was able to move in on the group and most were captured. The group's leader, a Betazoid fomer Starfleet officer name Nadai Cyari, escaped capture but was forced to fleet into Cardassian terrority. Shortly after the dismantling of Cyari's Maquis cell, he was captured by Rokai's True Way operatives. The Relay 14 team breached the Galor-class warship transporting the prisoner to extract Cyari and fled with him back to Federation space.

Ultimately, this encounter led to the revelation of the Relay 14 operation by Rokai's group and Starfleet Intelligence was forced to abandon the operation. Not content to give up on bringing down Rokai's branch of the True Way, Commander Beckett recalled the team to Earth to look for new avenues toward their goal. This allowed Kael'ko to spend some much needed time with his family, having missed many of the milestones for his very young children. After a too short six months, Kael was reassigned to Bajor, at the same time his wife, Elisabeth was beginning her medical residency at Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. Still under the direct command of Lt. Commander K'tllin, the former Relay 14 team was expanded to a larger facility and operated in tandem with the Bajoran goverment's own intelligence service. While tracking the True Way's continued operations in the area, the new team also came into conflict with a secret team of Dominion agent who were operating in Cardassian space without regard to the treaty that ended the Dominion War. This culminated in a discrete, three-sided conflict as Rokai's True Way cell also came into conflict with the Dominion group, led by the Vorta Kitan-4. While Kitan's Jem'hadar eventually fled back through the wormhole to Dominion space, Kael'ko's team was able to bring Rokai into custody, ending her reign of terror in the region.

Even with a tenuous peace between the Federation and Cardassian governments, there were still elements in each resistant to the treaty, still harboring old scars from the Dominion War of the previous decade. Following the end of Rokai's group, the joint task force on Bajor switched their focuse to these bad actors. In some cases this brought them into direct conflict with their counterparts from the Cardassian's new intelligence service (though some say there is no difference from the old Obsidian Order). Over the course of three years the task force also put a large focus on stopping smuggling operations between Cardassian and Federation territories. During this time, Elisabeth relocated their family to Bajor where she accepted a job at a hospital there. This allowed them to have some semblence of a normal family life for a while, when Kael'ko wasn't in the field.

Eventually, Lieutenant Commander K'tllin was promoted and reassigned to a different station. The new task for commanding officer, Commander th'Shossen Verkayan, wanted to shake things up with the group and had most of the Starfleet staff reassigned and brought in a new group of officers to man the station. K'tllin took Kael and two other officers with her to her next assignment, and undercover operation infiltrating the crew of the Orion Syndicate smuggling ship Nasvuq, a stolen Vorcha-class Klingon cruiser. The team spent two years worming their way onto the ship and Captain Smalikk's crew. What they had originally believed to be a weapons smuggling operation turned out to be so much more. Smalikk was responsible not only for moving weapons throughout unaligned regions of space, but was also moving drugs and, worst of all, slaves. The discovery of the slaves, in deplorable conditions on the lower decks of the ship, pushed one of the team's members over the edge and their cover was blown. All four were taken prisoner by Smalikk's crew and subjected to torture over several days. Kael escaped by breaking his own wrist to escape his shackles and killed his torturer in hand-to-hand combat. With only one good hand, it was slow moving work but he was able to free his companions over the course of the next hour. Together again, the group fled to the lower levels where they helped the captive slaves to the ship's escape pods. Forced to engage the ship's crew in order to secure the prisoner's safety, Kael was stabbed in the chest by a Klingon smugger. K'tllin and the others were able to secure their safety and rig and improvised explosive device on the Nusvuq's warp core. They launched the ship's escape pods moments before the cruiser exploded in massive ball of silent fire and signaled for extraction.

Following the ugly end of their undercover operation, Kael needed time to recouperate from his injuries. This meant a temporary leave of abscence that lasted nearly a full year. He spent this time back on Bajor with his family. With his children growing up, Kael was thankful for the time, and spent as much as he could forging a connection with his children.

Thanks to growing tensions with both the Klingon Empire and Romulan Empire, Kael'ko was reassigned to the U.S.S. Nightengale, an Olympic-class hospital ship operating in the Beta Quadrant. Thanks to Elisabeth's medical expertise, his family was able to join aboard, where Elisabeth served as a surgeon on the ship's medical staff. As the ship's Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer, Kael'ko was mostly responsible for receiving reports on activity in the region and relaying that information to the department head. It was a far cry from the work he was used to, but offered him additional time and resources to aid with his continued recouperation.

With the Nightengale recalled for a routine refit, Kael was approached by his father-in-law once again. Alexander assigned him to an undercover operation within the Cardassian government. Kael underwent extensive surgery to alter his appearance and DNA profile to infiltrate Cardassian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Kael operated within the ministry for two years alone. During that time he monitored growing tensions between the new Cardassian government and the neighboring Breen Confederacy. His family moved to Tellar Prime, following Elisabeth's career, where she took a job with the Federation Health Organization as an infections diseases researcher.

As a peacekeeping move, the Breen and Cardassian government had agreed to exchange prisoners held captive since the Dominion war twenty year earlier. Under the guise of Duhal Revet, Kael'ko was instrumental in arranging the agreement. Discovering that the prisoner being traded to the Cardassians was a Starfleet Captain, Laryn of Izar, who had long been thought dead. Kael resolved that instead of allowing the Cardassian's to take custody of Laryn that he woul deliver the captain back to the Federation, despite the risks to his ongoing mission within the Foreign Affairs Ministry on Cardassia. Working together in secret, Kael'ko and Laryn disabled the guards and stole a Cardassian shuttle, making it appear as if Laryn had taken Duhal (Kael'ko) captive in the endevour.
Medical Records Broken Wrist - Fully Repaired
Stab Would - Heart & Lung Damaged - Partially Repaired / Partially Replaced
Service Record 2375-2379 Starfleet Academy
2379-2380 Starfleet Intelligence Analyst, Cardassia Desk
2380-2383 Starfleet Intelligence Operator, Relay 14
2383-2387 Starfleet Intelligence Operator, Joint Task Force
2387-2389 Starfleet Intelligence Undercover Specialist, Orion Syndicate
2389-2390 Leave of Abscence, Bajor
2390-2393 Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer, U.S.S. Nightengale
2393-2395 Starfleet Intelligence Undercover Specialist, Cardassian Union
2395-present Chief Intelligence Officer, Langley Station

Station Data

Duty Level N/A
Security Level N/A