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Lieutenant JG Eliza Diangelo

Name Eliza Charlotte, Duerre Diangelo

Position Assistant Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 02-08-2365 (30)
Place of Birth Earth, SOL system

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight 168.5lbs (76,43kg)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green-ish Brown
Physical Description Eliza stands at 5’5” which is average for a human of her age and weighs in at just less than 168.5lbs. She has small earrings in both ears and black fingernails. On her left hand on her pinkie she wears a very distinctive golden ring shaped like a snake curled up around her finger, on her middle finger she also wears a golden ring but this one is shaped like a signet ring and usually has her a dutch braid hairstyle with two titanium letter openers embedded as a cross where the braid starts. Like other terran’s she has an aversion for bright light.

There are different tattoos applied on numerous parts of her body, She proudly wears two insignia’s of the Terran empire on her body as tribute to her parents, a small one on the top of her left hand and another on the right shoulder. However the most prominent one is a red dragon that starts from her abdomen and reaches upwards across her chest and goes over the left side of her neck and ends on her left shoulder blade.

In terms of apparel. Besides her having to wear the uniform, Eliza commonly wears a long, silver buttoned blue coat with three separated coattails. A white, serpentine pattern runs around the collar, with a snakes head hanging over the coat's left shoulder, and its tail slinking down the right, all the way to the bottom of the coat. A gold lining runs across the edges of the coat, and a silky, golden flower blossom pattern decorates the inner lining. Each cuff of the coat also possesses five, gold buttoned straps with gold lining.

Underneath the coat, She wears a navy blue ascot wrapped around her neck, which hangs over a black, sleeveless vest that reveals her well-toned arms and shoulders. She wears tan, finger less gloves, a brown, snakeskin belt with a silver buckle, dark green pants with a scale pattern running across its surface, and tall, brown boots with two golden buckled straps at the top. On her lower back underneath her coat she sports two leather holsters reserved for her two sidearms.


Spouse -
Children -
Father Ron Diangelo (Deceased.)
Mother Sarah Diangelo (Institutionalized)
Brother(s) -
Sister(s) Alyssa Diangelo (Adopted.)
Other Family Uncle: Alex Diangelo
Aunt: Donna Diangelo

Personality & Traits

General Overview With British English being her native language Eliza speaks with an overal British accent.

Eliza has an overall laid-back demeanor even during tense situations, displays a fearless, almost disinterested attitude towards incredibly dangerous situations, Although seemingly to be uncaring or callous at times, but often does the right thing. Eliza maintains a very strong sense of justice, and prefers to fight fairly, almost never fights an opponent weaker than her. She values her family and friends very highly. She cared deeply for her father that she lost at a young age and sometimes struggles with it.

In the past whenever she was nervous or when she had just told a lie the girl started biting her lips and her voice started to tremble. She has managed to overcome most of these weaknesses by training and are now less prominent.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Tactical/Weaponry Knowledge.
BCQC Abilities.
Hunting/tracking Abilities.
Does what is necessary.
Loyal to those who stick by her.
Disciplined/yet undisciplined.

Authority issues.
Ambitions Stand by her commanding officer, and protect those around her and the ones that need her.
Hobbies & Interests She isn't all evil as she would like most people to believe. She has shown to be very kind to the people close to her and has even tolerated the nicknames they gave her also she shares a strange affection and interest towards stuffed animals especially brown teddy bears but whenever someone sees them in her bedroom she keeps her mouth closed and tells the person to mind their own business in a very rude tone. But stuffed animals aren't the only things that interest her, another two things that interests her are music and acting both of these are not only her hobbies but she also wanted to make her profession out of them when she was a child but the her work for the Federation came first.
Languages English

Personal History Eliza was born in London, UK at St George's Hospital on the second day of September 2355 to Sarah and Ron Diangelo. Just 6 months after the birth of little Eliza. She, her mother and her father moved to New York because her father was offered a new and better job at the company he worked for. Once they were settled in their new house ,that looked very old on the inside with old furniture and attire, Eliza got a big pink teddy bear from her father who got it from his new boss as a congratulation for the birth of his daughter.

Two years later when her dad had taken leave to look after the little girl because her mother had a very important meeting with a few members of the family. one day at 12 o'clock in the afternoon, her father was in his home office playing some games on his computer while Eliza was asleep during her afternoon naps, occasionally her father went to her room to check up on her but after a few times he didn't come any more as he got distracted too much with the games and fell asleep. The little girl who was asleep woke up from her nap and picked up her best friend the teddybear and decided to play. The little girl managed to get out of her bed. She walked to the door of her bedroom and opened it, giggling the little girl walked through the hallway with her teddy under her arms past her fathers office. Her father who worked so hard for his family only to receive a small paycheck had been exhausted. He was so deeply asleep that he never heard the little girl giggle.

Eliza made her way to the living room where her toy's were and candles burning on the coffee table because her father thought is would create a better mood in the room. Eliza picked up a ball from her toys and started to roll and throw it. The little girl played and stayed away from the table but then she threw the ball the wrong way and knocked over the candles. One of the candles went out the other fell and kept burning. It lit the couch and after a few moments the couch was in flames. The little girl looked at the dancing flames while they spread to the wall and curtains. As curios as she was she moved closer and got burned, she screamed her lungs out waking her father who came running into the room. There he saw the flames and his little girl who had second and first degree burns on her left cheek, right index finger and knuckles.

Her father reacted immediately and picked up the crying little girl and her teddy, he ran out of the house with her in his arms. Her father handed little Eliza over to the caring hands of their neighbours and he returned to the house to save a few precious heirlooms but... he didn't return.

When the fire was finally extinguished the fireman had reported to the family that they had found the body of Ron Diangelo laying just besides the opened family-safe with a photo album of his little girl under his arm. Apparently the man had choked on the toxic fumes released by the fire.

When her mother heard about the fire, Eliza's life took a turn for the worse. Her mother found out that the house burned down because of a few unattended candles she felt guilty as she had told her husband place the candles on the table because it looked better that way. But instead of Sarah blaming herself, Eliza's mother had the unfortunate habit of blaming someone else every time something happened, Sarah was constantly being reminded of her mistake when she looked at Eliza and missed her beloved husband. The little girl fell victim to her mother's unfortunate bad habit. Whenever Eliza did something funny or had achieved something good her mother would ignore her when the little girl tried to tell her her story, or just used the phrases. “hm, yes sure Hun nicely done.”,”good for you.”. Things got from bad to worse.

On a sunny Saturday Eliza and her mother were visiting Eliza's aunt who lived just a few blocks away from their own house. It all seemed to go well, the two ladies were chatting and Eliza was playing with her toys together with her older niece. Little Eliza started to yell and scream and started to run around for fun. She disturbed the two women's little chat and angered her mother. Sarah got up and ran towards Eliza to punish her. When Sarah had Eliza, the girl started to cry because her mother was yelling at the girl and pinching her arm. When Eliza didn't stop crying the enraged woman started to shake the little girl and demanded she'd stop. Her aunt saw what the woman was doing to her and decided to put a stop to it. Her aunt grabbed the woman by her arm and told her it was enough!, Eliza's aunt asked her daughter if she would take the little girl to her room. After the two girls left a long discussion started between the two women as her aunt thought that the little girl should be taken to child protected services. Eliza's mother was of course against this.

It only took the C.P.S. two weeks to get the girl away from her mother by examining the girl for bruising, broken bones and other wounds. Also by questioning surrounding neighbors that lived in the same flat as Sarah and Eliza lived. After the collecting of the evidence, the court had made their decision. Little Eliza's things were packed. The little girl was then transferred to into the caring hands of her aunt Donna, uncle Alex and her niece Alyssa, her new home and family.

Whenever she was sad she started to sing her family noticed that Eliza had a beautiful voice and signed her up for singing lessons after school. In the beginning the girl got a lot of bad comments from jealous peers in her class but the sadder Eliza got the better the girl could sing. It caught the attention of the teacher and asked Eliza's parents if they would consider putting her on acting lessons as well. Her parents agreed to the to the idea they thought it would be good for the little girl, to get rid of her excess energy and making a few friends.

Over the course of a few years Eliza played a few minor roles in a few movies but nothing big. In one year when she had become a teenager and had a few days off from school and her classes, she and her adoptive mother were walking in one of the many shopping malls in down town Manhattan. Eliza stopped at a window of an instrument shop and looked into the store and started to stare at an instrument. Her mother had walked a few windows further before she noticed the girl wasn't next to her any more, Donna turned around and looked at the teenage girl with a smile. She asked why Eliza was looking into that store. "I want a guitar and be just like her." the girl responded as she always wanted to be like Jody Gnant since she was a little younger and had met the woman at a convention. She then entered the store as she wanted a closer look at the guitar. Donna knew what was going to happen next and she kept smiling when she got to the window of the store Eliza was already talking to the manager about the guitar, when she finished her business with the manager Eliza walked out of the store with the guitar in a matching backpack on her back. When her adopted mother asked how match she spent the girl smiled and told her that she spent nearly all her savings on it.

After Eliza and Donna had come home she immediately went to her room and started to practice. At first the girl was a “little rough” as her uncle told his wife but the girl practiced every day and bought study books every time she had saved up a little bit of money from her job at the local bookstore where the teenager worked on after school days or weekends.

But over the course of another year since the girl had bought the guitar and started to practice she didn't pay much attention for school work and social life, her grades started to fall and was just barely passing her tests. Of course her adopted parents weren't very happy when they received a phone call from Eliza's school. Alex and Donna had a talk with Eliza after dinner about her little hobby that was becoming a problem, at the end of the conversation her parents had threatened to take her guitar away if things continued as they did.

Eliza promised her adopted parents that she would practice less and study more, and the first few months seemed to be going well. Her grades started to pick up, she started to go out with friends again but unfortunately her hobby got the better of her and she slipped back to practice too often. Again her parents talked to her and history repeated itself again, on an afternoon when Eliza came home her parents were sitting in the living room watching tv, she greeted them and went up stairs. Only to find out that her guitar had been taken by her parents, furiously the girl ran down the stairs, into the living room and made a dramatic stop in front of the TV demanding to know where her guitar was. Her parents weren't very surprised and had been expecting her outburst, calmly they told her that they took it away for her own good and that she'd get it back when her grades got back to normal. The girl responded unkind to her adopted parents and took off to her room where she stayed until she had to go to work. Eliza's behavior went from bad to worse from that day on, she got into more fights with her adopted parents, eventually she stopped going to school and played in a small band instead while managing to hide it from her parents. On one night when the girl came home around midnight from work, she got behind her notebook and chatted about the past few months with her niece who had already moved out of the house after she graduated from the academy and was now serving aboard the U.S.S. Grissom.

During their conversation they both expressed how much they missed each other and how badly they wanted to see each other again. Alyssia asked her what she would do next, without thinking much Eliza typed back. "I want to get out of here before they find out that I haven't been to school lately and take away my guitar again. Should I walk away?" On which Alyssia replied. "No Eliza, you can't just walk away from mom and dad, why don't you tell them you wish to join the Academy? If you study hard enough and i know you can, who knows where you may end up serving.” The young woman gave her sister a positive reply then said her goodbyes and logged off.

Sitting in the chair looking at the black screen and the reflection of herself, she wondered if she should ask her parents. Later that night her parents were delighted to hear that she wanted to join starfleet. The next week she was already at the academy however she had a small problem of fitting in often got into fights with her students and was about to be expelled from the academy by the academy counsel because of her violent outbursts. Until one instructor named Carmine T Redgrave saw the young woman successfully fighting off a couple of drunk Klingons and Nausicans who wanted to have a little "fun" with her and could see a lot of potential that just needed to be directed in the right way.

Carmine T Redgrave was at that time in charge of a special military division formed within Starfleet and was looking for potential candidates for a special project that had been formed to literally drop teams of specially trained marines behind enemy lines in planetary warfare from space. After speaking with academy counsel her new instructor Carmine T Redgrave was given explicit instructions to help the girl with her training at the academy and keep her on a tight leash. for the following four years the girl was kept at a very short leash, even shorter than the council had imposed that resulted in her finishing top of her class along with a few new acquired skills that she is not to discuss with anyone.

The next day the girl was up early as she didn't spend much time partying like the rest of her classmates did last night and went straight to Tony's office where she got her first assignment aboard the U.S.S. Firebird. The Firebird was due to depart with a few other ships to assist in retaking a small colony within federation space and had been outfitted with Human Entry Vehicles. Carmine thought that that would be a good opportunity to put all those months of training to use.

Her first skirmish against the Jem'Hadar was a success, with minimal federation losses the ODST's proved to have a surprising advantage over the Jem'Hadar. She worked her way up the ladder within the current department, this caused her to get promoted several times and had earned the rank of lieutenant by the age of 25. By that age the Dominion war was over and the ODST team had been dissolved by Starfleet.

Eliza was reassigned to Zachery Aeyers the sector JAG's Assistant on Starbase 912 and where she also met his yeomen Elizabeth Davis. She was quick to strike up a friendship with Liz while keeping a close professional relationship with the other. Over the years the three became inseparable, going from assignment to assignment together, following Zach from Starbase 912 to the USS Confederation and the Missouri. However before Zach could finalize Eliza's transfer to the Missouri, she had disappeared without a trace.

The next one and a half years became a blur as she had taken part in a secret assignment orchestrated by Star fleet intelligence. At least that's what she managed to find out after waking up in a prison on Jaros II a Federation penal colony where she had been sentenced to for a minimal period of 10 years for a crime she did not commit. Over the course of a short 6 months the woman had built up another reputation. During her first days at the penal colony she had encountered a man named Balark, a klingon with a few loyal men who was running the place like a sadistic dictator. No space for mercy as you would expect from a klingon named Balark.

At first she wanted nothing to do with the klingon and stayed as far away from him and his goons as she could, however as the days passed trouble couldn’t seem to stay away from Eliza as whenever she interacted with a fellow prisoner to ask where she was, they were interrupted by Balark’s goons and they just kept harassing her. Then one day she had enough of being harassed and decided to take matters into her own hands, Eliza got into a fight and managed to put a handful of thugs into the medical ward. This sent a strong and clear message to Balark and instead of retaliating against her she was left alone, with the exception of the occasional gift that was sent to her.

The gifts ranged from book offerings, food to companionship from other inmates. It was with the latter where she draw the line and visited the Klingon with the deceit of giving him companionship only to have him removed from the throne by means of an accident. Then a few days later when the a slight unrest had started due to the King being gone, Eliza took it upon herself to restore order and took Balark's place. By that time a request for Eliza's sudden release had already been approved and she was lifted off her bed three weeks into the ruling of her small empire and was forcefully put on a shuttle along with her belongings to her new assignment.
Medical Records --- Medical history for Eliza Charlotte, Duerre Diangelo has been made classified by order of Starfleet Intelligence. ---
Service Record 2365/10 - Born
2381/06 - Academy
2384/08 - Graduated at the Academy.
238408 - Assignment U.S.S. Firebird - ODST
23785/11 - Assignment Starbase 912
238806 - Assignment USS Confederation
2390/09 - Assignment unknown
2391/02 - Incarceration at Jaros II
2395/06 - Release and assigned to Langley station.

Station Data

Quarters Deck 09 - Room C1
Office Deck 26 - Assistant Chief Security Office
Duty Level Beta Shift
Security Level Level Five