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Lieutenant Oshesaon ch'Thiasross

Name Oshesaon ch'Thiasross

Position Biologist

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Date of Birth (Age) 35, 21st November 2359 (Terran Calendar)
Place of Birth Galen IV Colony

Physical Appearance

Height 176cm (5'8")
Weight 53kgs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Oshesaon is of middling height and build. His hair is well kept and always combed back. He has a strong face with piercing eyes. Like all Andorians two antennae sprout form his head.


Spouse Ishresse Sh'Thiasross, Kysaohl th'Thiasross and Piraash zh'Thiasross
Children None
Father Bihraoth th'Othaarin, Ryssahr th'Othaarin
Mother Athessao zh'Othaarin, Vrellath sh'Othaarin
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Oshesaon knew from a very young age that he wanted to be a Biologist, the complexity and variation between different life forms fascinated him. He was always neat and meticulous, knowing exactly where everything was.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Calm
+Clean and Orderly

-Often jumps to conclusions
Ambitions To have a major breakthrough in his work
To have a family
Hobbies & Interests Growing unique plants
Languages Federation Standard, Andorian, Latin

Personal History Oshesaon was born on a federation colony called Galen IV. He had many friends while growing up, from many different species. He was always fascinated by the diversity that could been seen between two different aliens. Oshesaon did very well in school, excelling in maths and science.

In 2378 he started further education at Starfleet academy. In his first week at the academy he met a young Andorian Zhen called Piraash. They quickly became good friends, and had many classes together. When they graduated in 2382 Oshesaon and Piraash were assigned to different vessels, but promised each other that they would keep in touch.

Oshesaon was assigned to the USS Sphinx, a Nova class survey vessel and he quietly spent his time running various experiments. In 2384 he was promoted to Lieutenant JG and given more freedom to pursue his own work. Early in 2385 Oshesaon was transferred to the USS Amazon.

Upon reporting in aboard the USS Amazon Oshesaon was surprised to find out that Piraash had been transferred too, their recent contacts had been sporadic, and neither knew that the other was being transferred. They became fast friends again and their relationship quickly became romantic.

They spent a couple of years living on the Amazon before they decided to take a break from Starfleet and go to Andoria to finish their Bondgroup. They met Ishresse and Kysoahl, and the four quickly decided that they would do well together and spent time getting to know each other on Andoria. They returned to Starfleet in 2388 and all four were assigned to the USS Tangaroa.

The four Andorians lived happily on the Tangaroa. In late 2393 Oshesaon was made a full Lieutenant. Early in 2394 the entire bondgroup was assigned to Langley station.
Medical Records TBC
Service Record 2378 - Joins Starfleet Academy
2378 - Meets Piraash and they become good friends
2382 - Graduates Starfleet Academy
2382 - Assigned to the USS Sphinx
2384 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2385 - Transferred to the USS Amazon and rekindles friendship with Piraash
2387 - Piraash and Oshesaon return to Andoria to complete their bondgroup
2388 - The bondgroup returns to Starfleet and are all assigned to the USS Tangaroa
2393 - Promoted to Lieutenant
2394 - Transferred to Langley Station

Station Data

Quarters Level 12 (Senior Apartment)
Roommates Ishresse Sh'Thiasross, Kysaohl th'Thiasross and Piraash zh'Thiasross
Office Level 33-36 - Life Sciences
Duty Level Alpha Shift
Security Level Level Six