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Lieutenant JG Kysaohl th'Thiasross

Name Kysaohl th'Thiasross

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Date of Birth (Age) 36, 15th May 2358 (Terran calendar)
Place of Birth Armstrong City, Luna

Physical Appearance

Height 189cm (6'2")
Weight 75kgs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kysaohl is tall and strong. He has sharply defined features and a strong jaw. His white hair is kept reasonable short and like all Andorians he has a pair of antennae on his head.


Spouse Ishresse Sh'Thiasross, Oshesaon ch'Thiasross and Piraash zh'Thiasross
Children None
Father Riraath th'Thiasross, Baranath ch'Thiasross
Mother Zishel zh'Thiasross, Esazao sh'Thiasross
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kysaohl was always tall and well muscled, even with the lower gravity of Luna. He was average in school but excelled with anything physical and he played many sports. He hates bullies and seeing people being downtrodden.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Strong
+Very fast
+Well developed sense of right and wrong

-Easily distracted
Ambitions To explore the galaxy
To keep those he cares about safe
Hobbies & Interests Sports
Physical Activities
Strategy Games
Languages Federation Standard, Andorian

Personal History Kysaohl was born, raised and educated in Armstrong city on Luna. He loved playing sports and was very competitive. He wasn't the smartest kid in his class but he was always able to keep up with what he was being taught. He left school at 18 and spent 2 years working in a small restaurant in Armstrong city before joining Starfleet Academy in 2378.

While at the academy Kysaohl made many friends and joined the academy football team. His studies at the academy were focused on the security and tactical operations of Starfleet. Upon graduating Kysaohl was immediately assigned to the USS Trident and departed Earth the following morning.

Kysaohl spent 7 years aboard the USS Trident and had many experiences during that time. He met Ishreese in 2385 when she was transferred aboard. Ishresse quickly fell for him and Kysaohl soon fell for her too. Kysaohl was privileged to be involved in a first contact mission along with Ishresse, he said nothing, simply acting as protection should she need it, but for him it was an amazing experience.

In 2387 Kysaohl and Ishresse agreed to return to Andoria to complete their bondgroup. It was an interesting experience for Kysaohl to visit Andoria for the first time. He was pleased with his ancestral home and was even more pleased when they quickly completed their bondgroup with a pair of scientists who had already bonded.

In 2388 the four of them returned to Starfleet and were all assigned to the USS Tangaroa. In 2390 the Tangaroa was sent to deal with a pirate threat near Starbase 194. During an engagement with three pirate vessels the Tangaroa was boarded. Kysaohl led the defense of Engineering during the boarding and was later promoted to Lieutenant JG for his actions that day. In 2394 Kysaohl and his bondgroup were all transferred to Langley Station.
Medical Records 2390 - Treated for mild plasma burns to left thigh, sustained during combat aboard the USS Tangaroa
Service Record 2378 - Joined Starfleet Academy
2382 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
2382 - Assigned to the USS Trident as a Security Officer
2385 - Meets Ishresse when she transfers aboard, she later becomes his first bondmate
2387 - Kysaohl and Ishresse return to Andoria to complete their bondgroup
2388 - The bondgroup returns to Starfleet and are all assigned to the USS Tangaroa
2390 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG for outstanding actions during an engagement with pirates
2394 - They are transferred to Langley Station

Station Data

Quarters Level 12 A
Roommates Ishresse Sh'Thiasross, Oshesaon ch'Thiasross and Piraash zh'Thiasross
Office Level 26 - Security Offices
Duty Level Alpha Shift
Security Level Level Five