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Captain Marc Muller

Name Marc Edward Muller

Position Commanding Officer USS Charon

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Date of Birth (Age) 10 DEC 2360 (33) Stardate: 37940.9
Place of Birth Spokane, Washington

Physical Appearance

Height 1.88m [6'2"]
Weight 99.7kg [220 lbs]
Hair Color Dark Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Stocky frame with a muscular build from regular exercise and weightlifting. Medium-length hair is kept in a tapered fade. His right eye has been replaced with an ocular implant due to loss during a mission for Starfleet Intelligence.


Spouse Ex Wife: Karen Groves
Father Robert Muller
Mother Margaret Muller
Sister(s) Stacy Muller - Botanist

Personality & Traits

General Overview Marc is a man that sees his dedication to Starfleet as a vital role to protect the Federation. Years of service have defined the serious nature that tips the scale away from the more playful man he was years ago.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Good listener
+ Steadfast
+ Skilled survivalist

- Stubborn
- Borderline arrogant
- Doubts his abilities
Ambitions Attaining starship command has been the ultimate achievement that he could hope for. Accomplishing that, he focuses his efforts on making sure the Federation is secure from dangerous threats.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys reading old fiction books, military history and Scotch whiskey.

Personal History Marc was born and raised on Spokane, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest. Growing up, he appreciated the outdoors at an early age, as his family would make regular camping trips into the giant redwood forests in the area. He would cherish these trips all his life, returning to that region as often as possible in search of peace and quiet. During high school, he played short stop for a local baseball revival team.

Joining Starfleet was a natural decision for Marc. He wanted to challenge himself and satisfy the urge to challenge himself. He followed the security path, passing all required courses and especially succeeding in hand-to-hand combat techniques. After four years, he managed to graduate eighth in his class, despite a very active social life. Upon graduation, he was assigned to the U.S.S. Stingray as she patrolled the Typhon Expanse.

Sensing the opportunity to move up, he applied and was accepted to become the security chief aboard the U.S.S. Victory. It was aboard the Victory that Marc became romantically involved with Karen Groves, an warp field specialist in the engineering division. Their relationship developed quickly with maddening speed. They became married in November 2386. However, events would change that bliss.

In April 2387, Marc was selected to apply with Starfleet Intelligence. Initially, he had reservations but decided to apply with the encouragement of his wife Karen. He was accepted and was transferred away from the U.S.S. Victory to attend special training at an undisclosed location. Part of Intelligence training involved the official, uniformed side. That entailed learning about tactics, fleet movements, processing intelligence information, being the go-to person when other officers needed help. The other side involved interrogation techniques and SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) school.

The deeper Marc went into SI, the more it put a strain on his marriage. Marc and Karen began arguing frequently, eventually resulting in blow-ups. It got to the point that reckless behavior was had by both of them. Having drifted apart after so long, they mutually agreed to walk away.

One covert mission of note was the extraction of a high value Cardassian target from Angosia Prime. During the mission, Romulan agents attacked Marc's team. In the ensuing fight, a Romulan distruptor set to stun for the capture of the Cardassian, discharged next to his temple. While his team was able to escape, the Cardassian was lost. The mission failure bothered Marc into the future.

Marc spent the next several months in rehab, having his right eye replaced and undergoing neurological testing from the disruptor blast. He also had to cope with the fact that joining SI probably played a part in his failed marriage and now the loss of his eye. However, he kept reminding himself of the bigger picture. Realizing that it might be time to move on with his career, he decided to remain in Intelligence, but on the uniformed side.

Promoting to captain, Marc transferred to Ninth Fleet near the Neutral Zone. Before he shipped out, he attended a week long conference at Starbase 310, during which he first encountered Kate Banninga. After the conference, Marc was offered command of the Luna-class U.S.S. Charon. He accepted, despite doubts about his ability to lead, that failed mission years ago still haunting him.
Medical Records April 2366: Chicken Pox exposure on Earth.

January 2381: Dislocated left shoulder during Academy Parrises Squares tournament.

March 2384: Contracted Rigellian Flu.

August 2388: Went against medical advice for counseling for failing marriage. Admitted to self-medicating with alcohol.

November 2390 - March 2391: Point blank disruptor shot to right temple resulting in extraction of right eye and artificial replacement. Neurological testing and rehab conducted.
Service Record Aug. 2378 - June 2382: Starfleet Academy
July 2382 - Sept. 2385: U.S.S. Stingray - Security Officer
Oct. 2385 - May 2387: U.S.S. Victory - Chief of Security
June 2387 - Apr. 2391: Starbase 217 - [Starfleet Intelligence]
June 2391 - Present: U.S.S. Charon - Commanding Officer

Station Data

Quarters N/A
Office N/A
Duty Level N/A
Security Level Level Ten