Welcome to the Langley Station!

We're a Star Trek RPG set in 2395, and are proud to be part of Obsidian Fleet’s Task Group 72A: the "Grey Wolves".

Langley Station is a Regula-class space station, strategically positioned near the Cardassian demilitarized zone. Langley sits in geosynchronous orbit above Lyshan Prime, an M-class planet in the Lyshan star system, a familiar dot the sky over Lyshan Colony. Langley station is categorized as a military waypoint and research station, garrisoned by an onboard security force, standing firm under the watchful eyes of the Canterbury, an Intrepid-class warship. Langley is noteworthy for its' outside research and development functions, and has grown into a major cultural hub and stopover port.

We, here at Langley, are absolutely not your "average RPG". Our primary focus is providing our writers with a shipload (of individual opportunities, including a focus on PC and NPC reactions. As a simm, our focus is on individual character development, coupled collaboration between our writers, and even with other RPG’s. We operate in our own, unique open world system. As a result, we run 'mini-missions' that focus on events related to the fleet, or more frequently, specifically to station development: reflections of an ever-changing set of political and logistical realities in our stellar neighborhood. We strive for each writer to have a firm idea of what their personal story is: and as a Command Team, it's our goal to mediate, and facilitate, the growth and development of our entire crew as writers and as characters.

We are always looking for new writers, and have a wealth of engaging positions still open. If anything we have on offer strikes your fancy contact us, or join us on Discord!!


Latest News Items

» February 2019

Posted on Thu Feb 28, 2019 @ 10:11am by Captain Kate Banninga in Monthly Report

Another month has passed, so here is the report for February. We’ve had a very good month, with lots of activity. Let’s keep this up!

Sim Updates
Working on some changed to the website. Added a new banner (a temporary one) to the site and redid the main page. Corrected some bad links and wrong wording.
Also working on a new awards system and created a section for that in the wiki. Rest of that will continue later.

Crew Updates
No new crew or crew that left, but we have completed our command team with Ishresse, our Chief Diplomat. In the last few weeks we’ve started a lot of things behind the scene that should be coming out in the next few weeks.

Story Elements
We’re moving forward with the mission at our own speed. Not much has been posted, but a lot of stories are being worked on. Hoping to finish a few big ones the next months.

Other Information

Number of Posts: 8
New applicants: 0
Pending applicants: 0

» January 2019

Posted on Wed Jan 30, 2019 @ 11:54am by Captain Kate Banninga in Monthly Report

New report is out! Thank you all for your hard work this months! ~ Kate

Sim Updates
Still working on recruitment, not any other changes to the sim or website last month.

Crew Updates
We have a new (OOC) Executive Officer who will be helping me with running the show. Our very own Amelia, Chief Flight Control Officer. Amelia has been given the IC position of 2XO of the station to help her interact more with the crew IC.

We also have a new writer join us. Dr. Blaze will be one of the scientist on our Research Division.
Unfortunately I also had to remove our ACSO Eliza.

Story Elements
Still going ahead with the festivities surrounding the stations opening week. Large post are being worked on and we just posted the first part.

Other Information
Number of Posts: 21
New applicants: 1
Pending applicants: 0

» We have a new XO!

Posted on Fri Jan 18, 2019 @ 11:50pm by Captain Kate Banninga in General News

Good evening, night, or even morning for our backward Australians! ;)

I’m very excited to make this announcement; the first of hopefully many positives yet to come.

After a very long search for feet big enough to fill the boots left behind by Caoimhe; I’m excited to announce the appointment of Langley’s new XO in the form of Foxyworthy, the writer behind our very own Chief of Flight Ops, Amelia.

He is new to this position, so don’t be very hard on him (or any less hard than you do be to me!). Foxy has lots of ideas to improve Langley and through our recent conversations it’s ignited a real spark on how I feel the CoC will move forward. You can expect a lot of new JPs and story ideas from both of us because together we have every intention to get activity up again and show the true potential Langley has which we all believe in.

I hope that each of you welcome Foxy with open arms and I encourage you to continue to engage with CoC in relation to any ideas, storylines or even problems you may find yourselves happening. CoC have always had an open door policy and we continue to operate in this way. We have always been a close crew with so much serious potential but hiccups along the way have interfered with this. I feel that with the introduction of Foxy to this new role that a new light has been ignited in our wonderful simm. We can only go in one direction from here; onwards and upwards (I suppose that is technical two directions though? Lol).

Thank each and everyone one of you for holding on in there and pushing when perhaps the energy may have been lacking. Your faith in me and this SIMM has never gone unnoticed and I can only hope that from here I can do you all justice.



» December 2018

Posted on Mon Dec 31, 2018 @ 4:20pm by Captain Kate Banninga in Monthly Report

Langley Station – December 31, 2018

Sim Updates
Trying to add a Captcha mod, but haven’t got it working jet. Trying to get more active on FB, but that’s a work in progress.

Crew Updates
No new crew, but we do have a big change in the team. My XO stepped down from her OOC duties. That means I’m now actively searching for people to help me behind the scenes in running the sim.
We have three top positions open, namely Chief Engineer, Chief Medical and Director of Civilian Affairs.

Story Elements
Main mission is stilling moving forward, despite slowly. There are a lot of huge JP’s in the works, which will have parts posted in the New Year.

Other Information
As I’m writing this I’ve only got 8 hours left in this year, so I want to wish everyone a very happy years end and much luck in 2019.

» Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019

Posted on Mon Dec 24, 2018 @ 4:29pm by Captain Kate Banninga in General News

Good afternoon everyone,

With the end of 2018 approaching, I would like to thank you all for this amazing year. It was Langley’s first full year and it was amazing. We gained new crew and lost some. We went through hell and got back up again. We learned who we are and what we want. And if you ask me, we created a great foundation for the years to come.

The second part of the year might have shown a decrease in posting numbers, mostly due to the activity of the Command team. But the activity in our community is very strong. Which to me is way more valuable. I’m sure we can get the posting number up from where it is now.

I’m confident 2019 will give us many great opportunities to write the stories we desire. To continue the journey we started with our characters in the last year. To create more characters and more stories. And to create an environment where everyone can write the stories they want within our universe.
But, 2019 will also bring changes. And a big one will be a change in the Command team. After discussing this a few times between us we decided that it would be best if Caoimhe stepped back from her position as XO. She won’t leave the sim and she will still hold the IC position of Director of Research. Over the last months Caoimhe’s time to write has come down so much that she doesn’t have the time to assist me in running the station.

Caoimhe’s writer is one of my dearest friends and I couldn’t have started and run Langley without her. She came up with a number of amazing ideas, gave me honest and much needed feedback and often kicked my butt when I forgot to do stuff that needed to be done. She has been and will continue to be a very valuable addition to Langley Station and I want to thank her very much for everything she has done for us.

With Caoimhe leaving the command team that means that the positions of XO and 2XO are now both vacant. And because I really can’t run the simulation by myself I’m going to start recruiting for both position, in combination with the open IC positions.

My other plans for 2019 are finishing our current mission and starting a new one (Ideas are welcome), find writers for all the senior staff positions, work more with the civilian department and colony, increase our monthly posting number and run a new round of awards. And, of course, improve the website even more.

I want to close this with (again) thanking you all for you contribution to Langley station. The station wouldn’t be what it is without you all. Neither would be our community. We really are friends and I’m honored to lead you all.

So, here is wishing everyone a great holiday season and a happy new year in 2019.

With regards,
CO Langley Station

Latest Mission Posts

» Sleepless Nights

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Posted on Thu Mar 21, 2019 @ 7:28pm by Lieutenant JG Nehini Naix & Lieutenant Amelia Forscyth-Coyle


Nehini was having one of those long nights, and had just left her office, so she wasn’t quite paying attention to where she was going, mostly focused on rubbing her eyes and yawning, when she suddenly felt herself run into something. Or someone?

“Wha....? Oh excuse me!”, she looked…

» Sins of the Past (Part 3)

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Posted on Wed Mar 20, 2019 @ 7:34am by Cazanjian Zurale

The first thing Cazanjian knew when the world reasserted itself into his consciousness was pain. He unconsciously let out a groan as he stirred, his eyes sliding partially open. He found himself hanging naked in Arkhan’s quarters by a set of magnetic manacles attached to the ceiling. His breastplate had…

» Sins of the Past (Part 2)

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Posted on Mon Mar 18, 2019 @ 5:21am by Cazanjian Zurale

Cazanjian picked his way through the destruction of Lyshan along the main street. It was hard to believe this had once been a thriving mid-sized city surrounded by verdant fields of crops. It had literally been a breadbasket.

And now it was a corpse, trees and crops blackened and dead,…

» Sins of the Past (Part 1)

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Posted on Fri Mar 15, 2019 @ 7:32am by Cazanjian Zurale

Glin Cazanjian Zurale watched the star field resolve itself on the view screen as the Galor-class ship Skorpio exited warp. Flashes of light on either side of the view screen indicated the other members of the Eighth Order had arrived, as well as their new Dominion allies. Cazanjian still wasn’t…

» Doctor's Visit

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Posted on Tue Mar 12, 2019 @ 1:44pm by Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D. & Lieutenant JG Nehini Naix


Nehini decided to meet with Doctor O'Connor to get to know one of her crew members that she would be spending a lot of time with. Her shy nature touched her as she walked into the medical bay, not knowing much about the doctor except that she was replacing…