Welcome to the Langley Station!

We are a Star Trek RPG, set in 2395. We are part of Obsidian Fleet’s Task Group 72 A the "Grey Wolves"

Langley station is a space station near the old Cardassian demilitarized zone, in orbit of the Lyshan 1 in the Lyshan system. Langley station is categorized as a military waypoint and research station. Next to the standard facilities you’d expect on a station, the station has a large research facility.

We’re not your average RPG. Our main focus is to provide our writer with various opportunities to write. Either with their PC or with a NPC. We focus on character development and collaboration between writers and other RPG’s. We don’t do mission after mission, but we create an open world concept. We’ll be doing mini missions that will focus on something related to the fleet or something related to the development of the station. Most of the time we will collaborate on Character Development. The Command team will function as a mediator between the writers in accomplishing a writers goals.

We are always looking for new writers for various position. Feel free to contact us, or join us on Discord!

Latest News Items

» November 2018

Posted on Sat Dec 1, 2018 @ 1:50am by Captain Kate Banninga in Monthly Report

Another month has passed. Below the report for November. It's a bit short, but I was just too tired to make more of it. Hopefully better next month.

Sim Updates
Did some updating on the website, no major stuff.

Crew Updates
No new crew was added to our RPG, or did we have anyone leave us. We’re still looking for a Chief Engineer, a Chief Medical Officer and Civilian Director. As well as civilians to populate the station. If you have a great idea for either of those positions, please contact any of us on Discord, or join our channel. (link is on the main page of the website)

Story Elements
I’ve finally managed to get the big JP’s started and also started a small storyline for my character which involves a number of players. As for the big JP’s we have the official opening ceremony and banquet. And two sporting events. Zero G Football and Elan’tina, an Andorian game. These might all take some time to get written, but I’m very excited for them.


CO Langley Station

» Year Awards 2018

Posted on Fri Nov 23, 2018 @ 6:34pm by Captain Kate Banninga in General News

Starting last week Nominations for the 2018 awards are open! I really encourage everyone to vote for Commanding Officer of the Year, Executive Officer of the Year and for Character of the Year. Look at the link below for instructions on how to vote and please do so quickly. Votes need to be in before Dec 16.


» Oktober 2018

Posted on Thu Nov 1, 2018 @ 9:07am by Captain Kate Banninga in Monthly Report

Another month, another report. Post count might still be low, but you've all done great. I'm proud to be leading such a great team of writers.

Langley Station – November 1, 2018
Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates
I’ve changed some small things to the website, this month. Edited the welcome text, fix an error with a mod and redo the logo image.

Crew Updates
We’ve lost one player and the pending applicant was rejected for not replying to emails.

We’re still looking for a 2XO (OOC position) and a CMO, CEO and Civilian Director as well as many assistant positions.

Story Elements
Behind the scene we’re taking the next step for our mission. Planning a number of large JP’s that I hope to get started in the coming week.

Other Information
Number of Posts: 7
New applicants: 12 (and 68 NPC)
Pending applicants: 0

» The Golden Pumpkin Competition

Posted on Mon Oct 22, 2018 @ 6:42pm by Captain Kate Banninga in General News

Hey everyone,

Below a message from the fleet that I encourage everyone to participate in. It's fun and has great prizes. Below the message, as copied from the fleet website.


Information On The Golden Pumpkin Competition

This year for Halloween Obsidian Fleet is calling on all members to come up with I-can’t-sleep-ever-again, tales of terror and horror from your characters and ships. The Golden Pumpkin Competition will run now until 12th November with the winner announced 26th November. So, plenty of time to dig inside your wildest imagination and find something so terrifying it will scare the cobwebs clean off of us!

Since it’ll be Thanksgiving when we announce this, we’re going to say thanks by giving away some prizes!

FIRST PRIZE: Overwatch for PC

SECOND PRIZE: American Truck Simulator for PC

THIRD PRIZE: Kerbal Space Program for PC

There’s $100 worth of PC games up for grabs. You just need to write a story…

What Will You Be Judged On?

It is only fair that you are told the criteria you are going to be put against, so here it is;

Premise/Concept 10%
Does writer engage the reader’s attention immediately? Is tone, setting and character established promptly? Is the premise/Concept logical, or too far-fetched even for horror?

Presentation 20%
Is writing fresh and free of clichés? Does it reveal writer’s vision and attitude clearly? Are viewpoint changes and pacing handled smoothly?

Characters & Dialogue 15%
Are characters believable, well-rounded? Actions and interactions consistent and well motivated?

Theme 10%
Does the theme represent what has been set down? Does it scare or give creep factor.

Plot 30%
Does progression seem inevitable without being too predictable? Is story interesting and compelling to read?

Style/Tone 15%
Are grammar and punctuation correct? Spelling accurate? Is manuscript professionally prepared? Are details consistent and correct?

Please send entries in a word doc to comms@obsidianfleet.net with link from site, name and ship.

» Our future with the fleet

Posted on Wed Oct 17, 2018 @ 8:14am by Captain Kate Banninga in General News

Hi All,

Over the last number of days, the crew was made aware of a decision that I needed to make but that I didn’t wish to make without first taking into consideration the opinions and feelings of you all also.

Over the last number of months, within the Obsidian Fleet I had become disillusioned to the Fleet and also the way in which I witnessed a number of different matters handed; both personal and impersonal.

A number of days ago this all came to ahead which is why I choose to ask you all the question ‘How would you feel if we were to move Langley Colony out of Obsidian Fleet and elsewhere’.

First and foremost I thank you all for your thoughts and feelings on the matter and most of all; I thank the fact that each one of you expressed the wish to stay with me and Langley no matter where she ended up. I always considered our group to be a family and this was something I have seen reinforced. Your faith in both me and this SIMM is something which is invaluable and I cannot thank you all enough.

After careful consideration a decision has been reached. In the simplest of forms, Langley Station will be remaining with Obsidian Fleet.
The reason for the wish to stay on with Obsidian Fleet is because when I was upfront to the Fleet and laid myself on the line to tell them I could take no more; a few people of the fleet stood up and gave me both a podium and an ear to listen to what I had to say and in turn the conversations that occurred did set to reassure me that it is worth giving Obsidian Fleet another chance.

In the more complicated terms, the stay with Obsidian Fleet will bring with it a change. In due course we will be moving out of TG72-C under the supervision of Captain Lamar David and we will be placed in either TF72-A or TF72-B. The reasons for this are both personal and deep but they come down to one thing. When I approached the Captain in order to discuss with him my concerns and reservations, instead of listening he went above and reported me to the fleet at large and then issued an ultimatum which meant, I had to decide Langley’s future by Halloween.

While I must stress that I have considered Captain David to be both a friend and a colleague I placed trust in, I do feel at this point that it is in both of our interests to part ways in a way which the Triad has agreed they are willing to facilitate.

I owe Captain David a lot through the years and I wish him well with TG71-C and whomever should come under his command next.
So...what does this mean for all of you? Essentially nothing. The impact will be more felt with me in that the person I report to will change. Nothing about Langley or her crew or command will change :)

Once again, I cannot thank each of you enough for the generosity you have shown towards me during this time and the reaffirmation you have provided on the fact that we have a damn good SIMM and damn good crew here.

Onwards and upwards

CO Langley Station

Latest Mission Posts

» Of all the places

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Posted on Sun Dec 16, 2018 @ 12:53am by Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk

Ron took a seat at his desk in his quarters. He was tired after a long shift, but he wasn’t ready for sleep yet. First he had one more thing to do. He tapped his console, foregoing voice commands, then he began speaking.

“First Officer’s log

After almost two weeks…

» Passing the baton

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Posted on Mon Nov 5, 2018 @ 10:17pm by Commander Caoimhe O'Connor M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Ronald Hawk

Having been to all the required stops for reporting into a new post, Ron Hawk decided to check into a non-compulsory, but to his mind necessary office. The office of the woman that had been conducting his duties until his take over, and was most likely still carrying them through,…

» I need to get this off my chest - Part Two

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Posted on Tue Oct 30, 2018 @ 7:46am by Captain Kate Banninga & Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Lieutenant JG Eliza Diangelo


"We need to talk," Kate said as she walked in the security area. This situation with Eliza was getting out of hand and she decided to open her cards with her Security Chief and friend. Without waiting for a reply she left Anahera standing and walked to Ana's office.…

» The next step into the future

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Posted on Thu Oct 25, 2018 @ 3:49pm by Tracey Collins


Three months ago

“How do you mean you’re going to take him away from Earth,” James asked in a voice full of anger and surprise.

“I got a job on a space station as a PR consultant. A perfect opportunity to let pass. It’s what I’ve been working towards…

» Aerospace Traffic: Controlled

Mission: S01E02: First Unity
Posted on Wed Oct 17, 2018 @ 6:33pm by Lieutenant Amelia Forscyth-Coyle


It wasn't that Amelia didn't -like- starbases. In reality, she had little quarrel with the, as a whole; they were an incredible keystone of Federation technology. Aside, perhaps, from purpose-built orbital defense stations like the ones in orbit around Qo'noS, or the anti-drone defense stations set up around Io…